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Skincare routines, education, people, and more – keep up with what’s happening right now at YTTP.

Meet the Ingredient Muse: Polypeptide 121

You may have seen many products touting the inclusion of collagen peptides on the market. The catch? Most of them are made with a type that’s derived from animals, which is where an innovative ingredient called polypeptide-121 comes in.

06 July 2022

By Alyssa Shapiro, she/her


Expert advice, personalized routines, and a look behind the formulas of your favorite YTTP products.

Introducing Omar Apollo: The First-Ever Voice of Youth To The People

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and TikTok Future Icon award-winner Omar Apollo is the new voice of Youth To The People. ⁠

07 April 2023


Updates on the Good To The People Funds, stories about social justice, our Earth, human rights, and more.

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