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The YTTP Formula Philosophy


Our formula philosophy is a partnership between the latest innovation in skincare technology combined with nutrient-rich superfood plant extracts. Each formula is stacked with high-performance raw materials at intentional percentages for optimal efficacy and pro-grade results. We believe in good synthetics and the latest in cosmetic science while always striving to meet and exceed our responsibility and sustainability goals. As we grow, we are committed to changing our formulas as needed to respond to the latest technologies and consumer demands as science evolves.

Unparalleled High Performance Skincare

"At our core is an unparalleled high-performance skincare philosophy that began more than 40 years ago with our grandmother Eva, a pioneer in professional-grade formulas. When our grandmother retired, she passed on the business and work ethic to our Aunt Lori and Greg's mom Lisa, who are our mentors. Today, we continue our family's legacy, which shapes our standard for innovation.”

— Joe Cloyes & Greg Gonzalez, Co-Founders


It all started with our grandmother Eva, a pioneer in professional esthetics and pro-grade formulas. With her passion for products and people, she created an inclusive professional cosmetics line in 1979 with a scientific and holistic approach to beauty. A huge part of her legacy was starting one of the first advanced institutes for licensed professionals in the U.S., providing women with a resource to become entrepreneurs through esthetics.

Her daughters, our Aunt Lori and Greg’s mom Lisa, continued the family business as estheticians with the same work ethic and expertise, expanding their community of professionals. After college, we joined the company, learning from the best and developing our passion for skincare.

With Lisa and Lori’s support, we continued our grandmother’s legacy and launched Youth To The People with a mission to uphold their same values and standards for innovation, pro-grade results, and community. Youth To The People was built to not only make positive change in skin, but to inspire the individual to reach a little higher, dream a little bigger, and give back to others.

When you make a YTTP product a part of your routine, we hope you feel inspired to Cleanse it, Treat it, Condition it, and Go Get it.


In 2015, we set out to create a different type of skin care company. A company built from the ground up with a conscious approach to every aspect and inspired by the people of today. With true values, and a relentless dedication to product, our dream was to build a company that would create a positive impact across the world.


We believe in the power of science: the potency of plant extracts partnered with clinical actives for the benefit of your skin’s health.

Our high-performance formulas are built to support your active lifestyle and embrace your individuality—wherever you go, and however you do it, YTTP is here to help you thrive and feel the confidence to put your best self out into the world.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

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