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Your Guide to Reducing Hyperpigmentation

29 Dec 2020


Hyperpigmentation is a common skin concern that countless people (of all skin types and shades) deal with. It refers to dark spots or patches on the skin, and is the result of increased melanin showing up in certain parts of the complexion leading to patches of skin appearing darker than the skin’s natural tone. 

Not all hyperpigmentation is the same, however. Some of the different types include sun spots, melasma, and post inflammatory pigmentation, or PIH. 

“All skin types can get each of the different types of hyperpigmentation—but darker skin tones (type 3 and above on the Fitzpatrick scale) are more prone to melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, while types 1-3 are more likely to get sunspots,” explains board-certified dermatologist Dr. Morgan Rabach. The level of darkness, as it appears on the skin, corresponds to one’s original skin tone—so darker skin tones will have darker pigmentation. 


“Risk factors for hyperpigmentation are sunlight, sunlight and more sunlight!” Rabach says—but also notes that there are medications that may increase sensitivity to sunlight, and oral contraceptives as well as trauma to the skin can also cause hyperpigmentation. Of course, this means slathering on your daily SPF is key, but sometimes you need to address pigmentation after the fact.


Any Youth To The People fan knows we’re big fans of Vitamin C (hello Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask). And now we have another potent source of the hero ingredient—the new 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum is joining the family.

With a potent, non-irritating, and super stable blend of three powerful forms of Vitamin C, this new serum visibly reduces hyperpigmentation with daily use. How does it work? “Vitamin C is an antioxidant and inhibits certain steps in the melanin pathway.” Rabach explains. More specifically, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch notes, “Vitamin C can help inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase, which in turn helps prevent melanin production.”


“Antioxidants in high and consistent doses are key,” to fighting hyperpigmentation, says Jacob Tomás del Rosario, Senior Regional Sales + Education Executive at YTTP. 

“Antioxidants scavenge for free radicals in the skin, and free radicals contribute to the oxidative stress that weakens tissue and living cells, and therefore contribute to increasing the appearance and spread of hyperpigmentation,” del Rosario says. So needless to say, a healthy mix of antioxidants (including vitamin C) is essential. Look for YTTP’s proprietary blend of cold-pressed antioxidants in the Superfood family of products, antioxidant and adaptogenic powerhouse reishi mushroom in the Adaptogen family, and an excellent cocktail of açaí goji, and maqui in the Superberry family of products—these superberries are amongs the most antioxidant-dense fruits in the world. 

The new Energy Serum blends vitamin C with our clean caffeine, sourced from superleafs yerba mate and guayusa—which, in addition to also being rich in antioxidants, help energize, reduce puffiness, and accelerate the benefits of vitamin C. The ultra-stable blend of vitamin C, which includes ethyl ascorbic acid, THD ascorbate, and MAP, “inhibits the enzyme that is linked to melanin production, thereby decreasing the look of hyperpigmentation, fading dark spots and evening your complexion,” says del Rosario.

“It would be irresponsible to not mention that when looking for the fastest result as you treat hyperpigmentation, one MUST also employ regular, strategic exfoliation and daily sun protection,” says del Rosario. “We need to slough off the dead, hyperpigmented cells, and bring on new healthy cells to the surface.” 

It takes a time commitment [see how long it takes for skincare to work here], but he recommends exfoliating with the Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner up to every other night, or try the Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial one to three times per week in the morning. 

Says del Rosario, “It will assist in clearing a pathway to reveal those new skin cells. Just don’t forget to protect those beautiful baby cells with SPF every morning, and touch up throughout the day as needed!”

Written by Sara Spruch Feiner for Youth To The People

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