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How Caffeine Boosts Your Morning Vitamin C

17 Dec 2020

Did you know you can boost the effects of your vitamin C—and your skincare routine at large—with a healthy dose of caffeine? Long found in topical skincare, often for undereye use, caffeine depuffs skin, reduces swelling, and enhances your skin’s natural contours. Sourced from yerba mate and guayusa, Youth To The People’s clean caffeine stems from a highly potent superleaf blend that acts as an accelerant when paired with vitamin C—basically, this clean caffeine harnesses its antioxidant power to make vitamin C work faster and even more effectively in the 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum.

“When you use the 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum, you’re going to see an immediate brightness in the skin because of the vitamin C complex,” says Lauren Cummings, Regional Sales + Education Executive at Youth To The People. “With the caffeine, you’re going to get that depuffing effect. It really does bring out the planes and dips and grooves in your face that are naturally there.”

Caffeine and vitamin C are a winning combo for morning use to energize skin that might be puffy, or even might be feeling the effects of the previous night. Immediately and over time, the duo will help skin appear more even-toned and contoured. According to Cummings, the words “depuff” and “contour” can be used interchangeably.

“That's something that we really spent a lot of time thinking about when naming this product. I was very lucky to be a part of the naming of the product, because I'm both an advanced makeup artist and a skincare expert,” says Cummings, who built a 21-year career in the beauty industry—15 of those years as a professional makeup artist in New York. 

“And so what happens when you are able to depuff the skin?” asks Cummings. “The places where maybe you've seen some swelling overnight, maybe through the cheekbone, maybe around the orbital bone on the eye. It's really just taking down that puffiness and swelling to enhance the natural structure of your face that’s already there.”

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