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What’s in Our Clean Caffeine

09 Dec 2020

Energy drives us all. As Youth To The People co-founder Greg Gonzalez says, “Energy is all around us. The whole world is energy. Every choice you make is attached back to energy.” This belief is why they were inspired to create YTTP’s clean caffeine blend—to elevate your morning ritual and, as they say, “bring the best energy to your skin and surroundings.” But where does this clean caffeine come from—and what does clean caffeine mean?

Powered by highly-caffeinated yerba mate and guayusa, our plant-derived caffeine is naturally packed with antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins. The superleaf extract blend is the perfect morning pick-me-up—it’s two hundred times more caffeinated than the average cup of coffee. Gonzalez and his co-founder, Joe Cloyes, were inspired to build a clean caffeine formula because of the incredible health benefits and antioxidants found in superleafs yerba mate and guayusa.

“When these ingredients are used externally on the skin, we can see a reduction in puffiness and increased microcirculation which then aids the other ingredients to penetrate the skin faster,” says Cloyes. “This form of caffeine is derived directly from the plant and effective for a longer period of time.” Basically, with YTTP’s clean caffeine, you never have to worry about a midday caffeine crash. 

When your skin retains fluid or appears puffy, it can create space for wrinkles to form and deepen. Since our bodies tend to build up fluid while we’re at rest, caffeine is an ideal ingredient in your morning skincare routine because it’s a natural diuretic, which means it helps filter excess water from the area it’s applied. Reduce morning puffiness, enhance the natural contours of your face, and fight free radical damage throughout the day with YTTP’s superleaf extract blend. Say goodbye to morning puffiness and fluid retention and say hello to a super dose of antioxidants—and more even-toned, energized skin.
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