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Our Vitamin C Serum Is Ultra Shelf-Stable—Here's How

07 Dec 2020

Meet the vitamin C that outperforms, even when it’s on the shelf. This ultra-stable, custom time-release 15% triple-C serum is the first of its kind, with caffeine derived from superleafs yerba mate and guayusa—and it’s available exclusively in Youth To The People’s 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum.

Many vitamin C products use L-ascorbic acid, which is typically unstable and oxidizes when exposed to light and air, so YTTP co-founders Greg Gonzalez and Joe Cloyes set out to create a PRO-GRADE VEGAN™ formula backed by three stable, strong, and safe forms of vitamin C.

“Ethyl ascorbic acid is a next-generation non-irritating form of vitamin C. THD ascorbate is also one of the newest stable forms of vitamin C that penetrates the skin faster than any other form of vitamin C,” Cloyes says. “Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is the last form of vitamin C included in our formulation, which is also very stable and non-irritating—helping to round out the effectiveness of the overall formula.” 

Each of the three forms of vitamin C absorb into the skin at different rates, providing a unique targeted skin benefit at maximum efficacy and stability. Together, they visibly brighten skin, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, even skin tone, and firm skin without irritation. And you can rest assured knowing that the 15% triple-C complex is so stable that it only activates when the serum hits your skin—never in the bottle.

“The formula itself is sustainable and stable as the protein and vitamin C are encapsulated. Once they hit the skin, they dissolve immediately, delivering the vitamin C,” says Gonzalez.

Sustainability and ingredient stability begin with the formula itself, and at YTTP, “clean” goes beyond just the ingredients—it extends to the packaging, too. This ultra-stable formula is housed in UV-protected, custom-color coated glass that’s been tested for ultimate protection.

“We chose not only one of the most stable combinations of vitamin C for this formula, but also ensured the amber glass bottle the product comes in is protected against UV light and is recyclable,” Cloyes says. “All the precautions we took help the product to maintain its stability and the overall formulation integrity.”

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