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Show Your Hands Some Love with These Ingredients

19 Sep 2023
This just in! Your hands deserve love too! And now there’s a Youth To The People regimen specifically designed to help you nourish your paws the way they’ve always yearned to be.

World, meet YTTP’s Elevated Self Hand Wash and Elevated Self Hand + Body Lotion –a new but already iconic duo that took years to perfect and mere seconds to capture the hearts of overlooked palms in search of gentle, non-stripping, flash-absorbing, skin barrier-friendly attention.

“The skin on our hands and body tends to be thicker than the skin on our face and is typically exposed to a higher level of friction and environmental factors,” explains Erin Gillin, YTTP’s Director of Product Development and Brand Compliance, adding that hands are especially prone to an endless loop of external aggressors during our waking hours (think: cooking, doing the laundry, sanitizing gels, and multiple rinses under the faucet). “Hands do most of our day’s heavy lifting and therefore need to be treated with products that can cater to their specific needs.”

Formulated with performance and pleasure in mind (if you’re going to care for your hands umpteen times a day, it’s important to enjoy the experience), the Elevated Self duo fit the above bill thanks to their scientifically-proven, nature-powered ingredients and neuroscience-backed, insanely irresistible scent (more on that here ). And, of course, their results.

“The Elevated Self Hand Wash provides a gentle, yet deep cleanse that keeps your skin feeling supported, hydrated, and soft while removing oil, dirt, and undesirable scents that you might encounter throughout the day,” says Gillin. “While the Elevated Self Hand + Body Lotion restores moisture and helps smooth texture, while also softening cuticles and visibly reducing dry fine lines for healthier looking and feeling skin.”

The secret to both products’ high performance is a carefully calibrated ratio of YTTP’s proprietary, antioxidant-rich Superfoods Blend, (which is loaded with cold-pressed greens and protective, restorative vitamins C and E), and unsung conditioning hero, Sodium PCA.

“Sodium PCA is a lesser-known hydration champion that helps to restore moisture by attracting, then locking in water molecules,” says Gillin. What makes it especially ideal for hand-focused formulas, she adds, “is that it can be used repeatedly with little risk of sensitivity, whilst also providing cumulative effects, boosting hydration throughout the day and beyond.”

Adapting to the requirements of a wash-off formula versus a leave-on one, here’s where the duo start to differ. Plant-derived surfactants ensure the Hand Wash ensure a satisfying lather that leaves skin feeling silky after every rinse. While, in the Lotion, a sumptuous combination of complex plant butters and seed oils provide thick yet lightweight moisture that’s quick to absorb and never greasy.

To get the most out of both formulas, Gillin recommends applying a single pump of Hand Wash to wet hands before rinsing with lukewarm (never hot!) water. Follow with one pump of Lotion at least two times a day, or more, for super soft, supple skin.
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