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The Meaning of “Elevated Self”

19 Sep 2023
The phrase of the moment is “Elevated Self.” More than a mantra, it’s an exciting new concept that’s making its debut as part of Youth To The People’s new foray into hand and body care, but its meaning far surpasses the practical application of any wash or lotion.

Elevated Self is a movement. It’s a mentality. It’s an invitation to freely adopt pleasurable daily rituals that transport and inspire, de-stress and uplift—and bring little moments of joy. Its intent is not to oversimplify or exaggerate the role of self-care. Rather, it’s to encourage a more intentional approach to the time we put into ourselves and, for the purpose of this specific launch, our hands—our most outward form of expression.

Officially, Elevated Self is also a fragrance experience. Refreshingly grounded, it was developed using proven neuroscience research and development that links the ability of scent to help suppress stress and anxiety. Containing notes of aromatic, smoky cedarwood, subtle tones of earthy black pepper, and bright, energizing greens, Elevated Self (in fragrance form), subtly blooms upon contact with skin–enveloping its wearer in a transformative bubble of luxurious aroma that lingers in a delightful way.

You’ll find it layered with other skin-loving ingredients in these two YTTP formulations: Elevated Self Hand Wash and Elevated Self Hand + Body Lotion. Both have been dermatologist tested and contain under 1% fragrance, making them suitable for use on all types of hands (including more sensitive ones) that seek to extend affectionate gestures, signal their feelings, or catch a dream and craft it into a new reality.
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