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Breaking News: YTTP Launches Hand + Body Care!

19 Sep 2023
This month’s hottest headline is Youth To The People’s new foray into hand and body care. Yes, that’s right: After many years tending to the needs of the face, eyes, and décolletage, YTTP is venturing below the neckline with two new targeted formulas in a grand debut that’s been a long time in the making.

“Our team has been looking to expand into the hand and body category for years, but we really wanted to make sure we brought our consumers something special,” explains Erin Gillin, YTTP’s Director of Product Development and Brand Compliance. “So we took our time finding the right combination of skincare benefits, luxurious textures, and an elevated sensorial and fragrance experience to influence the body, mind, and soul.”

Patience pays, and the resulting two formulas are something entirely different from anything else on the market. First up is the Elevated Self Hand Wash, a silky and non-stripping, sulfate- free soap alternative that’s designed to be used multiple times a day and leave skin feeling smoother and more hydrated after every rinse. Next up, the Elevated Self Hand + Body Lotion, a sumptuous and flash-absorbing lotion that’s loaded with conditioning plant butters and omegas for super soft, comfortable skin.

Highly effective when used alone, but best paired together for an amplified experience, the duo stand out for their signature YTTP ingredients, zero parabens, and intentionally curated Elevated Self fragrance, from which they both get their name.

“With the same respect we have for facial skincare, we followed our beliefs in the power of Superfoods + Science to infuse these formulas with everything they need to leave skin looking and feeling healthy,” says Gillin. “But to take it to the next level, we utilized neuroscience research and development to create a complex and beautiful fragrance that delivers a refreshing experience transcendent of age and gender.”

The link between the brain and our sense of smell (more formally referred to as cognitive function and the olfactory system) has been well documented in recent years, with an increasing amount of studies proving the ability of certain smells to suppress stress. With grounding notes of aromatic cedarwood, subtly spicy black pepper, and energizing fresh greens, the Elevated Self Hand Wash and Elevated Self Hand + Body Lotion are the perfect example of the practical application of such data–and an easy way to upgrade the simple act of washing and moisturizing our hands into a meaningful ritual with real physical and emotional benefits.

For more details on Elevated Self Hand Wash and Elevated Self Hand + Body Lotion, click here.

Written by Elsa de Berker for Youth To The People
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