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11 May 2024
In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month and Mother's Day we reached out to the moms on our team and asked them to share the communities, advice, affirmations, products, and organizations that have truly supported them on their motherhood journey. Whether you're a mom seeking a boost or someone looking to support the mamas in your life, continue reading to discover the valuable insights and resources shared by the moms at YTTP.

Sarah, Finance Director

When I was in the newborn stage with my daughter, I joined a local mom group through The New Mom School in Orange County, CA. They matched me with 7-10 other moms whose babies were born within weeks of my daughter. We met at the school and every week the school would cover different topics, from tummy time, sleeping, nutrition for mother and baby, pelvic floor health, etc. The group was a wonderful way to meet other women going through the same life phase, ask questions, share stories, laugh, and cry. When you’re in the thick of it, it's helpful to know there are other women out there in your same situation.

In my day to day in those early months, I made sure to get outside as much as I could. A walk around the block, sitting outside or running an errand just to get out of the house was a game changer for my mental health.

Alysia, Manager of Field Sales and Events

I knew early on that I needed support before our Luna was even an embryo. My husband and I realized that the only way we could have a baby was via IVF. I do not even think I knew what that stood for at the time. Once months of testing was done, we started and holy cow what a journey that was. The at home injections, the nausea, the frustration, the excitement, the tears, the once-a-week trips to San Francisco to go to the clinic and the arguments were all worth it once we did the embryo transfer and then received the news that I was pregnant.

During that process and my entire pregnancy, I found it hard to reach out for advice. Luckily, I had a group of friends and family (some moms, some not) that made me get out of the house, even if it was just for a little treat at the bakery down the street. If I could go back and tell my pregnant self something, it would be to accept that helping hand. The people around me wanted to cook dinner, come by for a chat or even just lay on the couch with me and watch TV, and I wish I had accepted more of it. I was so engulfed in how bad I felt but if I had just mustered up a bit of energy and given myself a pep-talk seeing them would have let me focus on that vs. how I was feeling.

Lastly, my good friend Jamie told me to download the Maven app because it had so many tips and tricks from how to sleep better once baby has arrived, to how to get help on postpartum depression. There are also so many virtual events and on demand classes that are extremely helpful pre and post baby. Luna is 8 months now and I still look to Maven for advice because it tracks her milestones and I can prepare myself for what would happen next, like more teething. Oye.

Lisa Renee, Regional Sales & Education Executive

Bright Horizons is a great resource offered through benefits. I have used them when I need extra time to do something from home and need my child to be occupied. The classes are fun and interactive.

Jenn, Regional Sales & Education Executive

My sister has been an amazing vessel of advice and sounding board for me as I became a new mom, she has always kept it real and I am forever grateful for that! Heading into the toddler stage, I will say my favorite saying is “one day you’ll be begging for the nostalgia of today” which makes me slow down and try to enjoy every little moment- even through meltdowns :)

Jeannette, Analyst

In my earlier years as a mom of three kids, I was part of a mom's group, Las Madres a non-profit organization located throughout the Bay Area in Northern California. A place of support, neighborhood playgroups and philanthropy. A safe place for moms and dads to come together and socialize with our kids at a young age while also giving back to our community. We made great memories and lasting friendships to this day.

Sandra, Regional Sales & Education Executive

In the early beginnings as a new mother to Natalia, I found it very difficult to ask for help. My husband and I did not have a support system. We were living on the East Coast with no family around. Both our families lived on the West Coast. I clearly remember having to wait for Eddy to come home from work so I could take a shower! I was also going through postpartum depression which I did not know at time. I was always very sad and had created this lonely box around me that I could not get out of. I thought there must be other moms in a similar situation to me. I went online and discovered meetup! It’s an online social platform, where you can find all kinds of meet up groups. I played around with the descriptions, and I kid you not there was always a group I was able to find! I signed up to be part of Spanish Speaking Mom group, Moms who cook group, Outdoor moms, Spiritual Moms, Moms who garden. My days went from depressing lonely long days to outdoor walks, zoo trips, museum visits, park picnics, etc. It took a while until I finally found my mom's group or should I say mom's groups. As a fellow Gemini I needed more than one mom group. Honestly, I recommend joining a few different ones to help balance the soul. I had surrounded myself with a beautiful community. We took turns taking care of each other’s kids in exchange to go out alone or just come by and watch my kid while I take a super long hot bath! I absolutely loved those moms meet up groups. Both my daughter and I looked forward to everyday something new and adventurous. The best part was that most of the activities we did with the kids were free! And not to mention you get to meet and make new friends to help ease your journey as a mother. So, if any moms out there are struggling feeling alone? First, please know you are not alone! I am here and all these other cool moms at YTTP are here. It is up to you to create your environment, you just have to love yourself enough to want to go out there and try. You got this moms! See you at the next meet up ;)

Krys, AVP Omnichannel Client Experience

I had 28-week premature twin girls. Having premature babies, I was so far out of my league without much of a community to guide me. I found community in working with an organization called the Tiny Miracles. The purpose of the org is to support families of premature babies during the NICU, after the NICU and in the event of loss. I was taught to not only advocate for myself and my medical needs while in the hospital, but to also advocate for my children as well. The best advice that I was given about motherhood was that I am the exact Mom that my children needed. It's so easy to look at social media and other moms around you to try to match their energy or feel like you are failing and can do more. I realized that obviously, my kids have NEVER had a mom before and that I can be a mom in my own special way while ensuring all their needs are met.

Stephanie, AVP Brand Controller

Being a mom is exciting and a learning experience, and let’s face it- really hard sometimes! My advice- when you are tired and have no patience and just want to go to sleep at night- spend that one extra minute to wash your face! It is one minute but it a minute just for you and your future skin is going to thank you :)

Happy Mother’s Day to you,
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