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Meet A Skin Expert: Khalid Bowens

27 Oct 2023

Khalid Bowens is a Licensed Esthetician based in Houston, Texas. Originally from Akron, Ohio, Khalid has loved skin for as long as he can remember. From the age of 11, he was walking around the house with a Noxzema mask because he watched his older siblings struggling with acne through their teens. Eventually, he realized that acne was not the only skin concern needing attention and began his personal journey of battling texture, hyperpigmentation, congestion, and stubborn reoccurring breakouts, which led him into the world of skincare. He attributes the kick-start of his skincare obsession to his discovery of the Kale + Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Superfood Cleanser from YTTP!

Khalid’s approach to helping others build their routine starts with recognizing how personal it is – there’s no cookie-cutter formula! The process can be complicated, and even a little stressful. But it’s his goal to help all his clients see the exciting, rewarding, and plain ol’ fun side of skincare.

To build your routine in a Skin Session, you’ll talk about lifestyle habits, products, ingredients, professional tips & tricks, and more. Kahlid is also a Licensed Master Social Worker, so one of his favorite things to do is to build meaningful connections. Some of his favorite things are hydration (a la the Adaptogen Soothe + Hydrate Activated Mist and Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream), his Miniature Schnauzer puppy, Kace, and gummy candy.

Want help building your own custom skincare routine? Sign up for a skin session to kickstart your journey.

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