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Meet The Muse: Oil-Soluble Hyaluronic Acid

25 Oct 2021

Hyaluronic acid is a majorly beneficial ingredient when it comes to hydration—but usually, it’s an ingredient that’s only included in hydrous formulas. In the anhydrous formula of Youth To The People’s new Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm, hyaluronic acid is taken to the next level in a lab-made synthetic form: oil-soluble, with three different molecular weights.

Oil-soluble hyaluronic acid is one of the velvety Dream Balm’s hero ingredients, working as a hyper-efficient delivery system of moisture to the skin with its three molecular weights linking up to increase skin hydration for soft, supple skin—a benefit that lasts long after rinsing.  

“It's the way that the molecules themselves are structured,” explains Laura Cline, Senior Director of Education + Product Development at Youth To The People. “[The] three different weights of hyaluronic acid are delivered at different weights, so that it can actually penetrate the skin, even after rinsing. It's unique. You normally find hyaluronic acid in a serum or a cream… it's cool to have it in a formula with oil.” 

With omega-rich moringa, sunflower, and jojoba oils removing makeup and debris, oil-soluble hyaluronic acid works synergistically with the oils to make skin softer, plump, and intensely hydrated. Thanks to cosmetic science and technology, oil-soluble hyaluronic acid’s three molecular weights provide the skin with 3-dimensional hydration that’s faster and reaches further. 

“They're helping prevent dehydration on different levels [by] targeting different levels of the skin,” says Cline. “But because this one's oil-soluble, it can penetrate deeper and last longer… It creates this layer of hydrating protection for your moisture barrier and helps with transepidermal water loss in the skin, keeping your skin replenished with water.” 

Oil-soluble hyaluronic acid is key to the Dream Balm’s ability to condition the skin far beyond its in-the-moment use. Considering how much moisture your skin requires while you sleep, oil-soluble hyaluronic acid was the perfect ingredient for a formula intended to carry a hydration story past bedtime. 

“It’s a cool innovative technology,” Cline adds. “I love having a really great hydrating story throughout all of the Superberry Dream products. The Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm has a pairing of humectants and emollients that makes it special. Any skin type, no matter what, needs hyaluronic acid. So it's perfect for everybody.” 

Written by Kaitlyn McNab for Youth to the People

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