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Meet The Muse: High-Tech Goji Stem Cell

02 Sep 2020

The Superberry Dream Eye Cream joins the YTTP fam this week, and within its PRO-GRADE VEGAN formulation you’ll find something new: a high-tech ingredient called Goji Stem Cell. 

Goji Stem Cell has the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and firm the look of skin because of the unique way it functions; as with all stem cells, vegan Goji Stem Cell carries signals that, when applied to any other cells (say, the skin cells), will signal for those cells to function optimally. So with continued use of the Dream Eye Cream with its hero ingredient, Goji Stem Cell, fine lines around the eye area will appear smoother—even deeper lines will be visibly improved.

Goji Stem Cell is a hyper-effective and sustainably sourced micro-ingredient. Grown in a greenhouse, goji berry plants develop swiftly—and right before they reach maturation and become berries, stem cells are harvested without harming the plant. The berries continue to grow, the plant matures, and the manufacturer can utilize the whole plant, leaving no waste behind. The resulting seeds are used to create new plants, continuing the sustainable cycle. 

The Goji Stem Cell that YTTP utilizes in this formula is a direct-from-the-plant ingredient, meaning it’s non-processed and alcohol-free. It’s also biodegradable

“I really like the Goji Stem Cell as an ingredient, not only because it’s sustainable and biodegradable, but also because it has the ability to act almost as a synthetic peptide while being incredibly natural,” says chemist Mercedes Taylor, Youth To The People’s Product Innovation Manager. “Since the eye is a delicate part of the face that tends to show age early on, the utilization of stem cells in the Dream Eye Cream will actually help to create and maintain a youthful appearance around the eye area.”

How’s that for high functioning?

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