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All Skin Is Normal

05 Feb 2020

We believe all skin is normal. You’ve probably seen this on our Instagram account, read it in an email from us, or talked about it with us in person. Having “normal” skin is an important topic of conversation in skincare, and there hasn’t really been a standard for what that means in the industry.

We always learned in my family, starting with my grandmother Eva, that all skin is normal. She also taught us that skin knows no gender. Female, male, non-binary, no matter how you identify, your skin is your skin. Skin is just skin. You treat by type and condition regardless of who you are. Products that are positioned as gender-specific are just marketing.

We’re often the harshest judges of ourselves, but remember that no matter what your skin is going through, everybody’s going through something. Here’s the thing: if you have acne, it's normal. If your skin is mature, it's normal. If it’s dry, it’s normal. If you have vitiligo, your skin is normal.  No matter what your skin is like, that’s normal. Because everyone deals with something, whether daily or once in a blue moon.

Congestion, breakouts, dryness—I've dealt with these issues myself, having sensitive skin my whole life. They've popped up before speaking engagements and events centered on skin health, increasing the pressure I felt to have perfect skin—it took time and work to understand that all of these conditions are perfectly normal. My skin is definitely different than it was ten years ago. I now focus on keeping my skin as healthy and balanced as I can, which has allowed me to better accept anything that comes up along the way. And a little glycolic acid always helps. 

Youth To The People is really built to represent everyone, no matter your age, gender identity, skin type. We believe that it makes no difference who you are; the way our products are manufactured, and the ingredients that we choose, our products will work effectively for you. We make our products with everybody in mind, because Youth To The People is skincare for all.

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