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The Women Who Built YTTP

08 Mar 2021

There were not many women at the top of the beauty industry in the ‘70s, so that’s where Eva Friederichs aimed in 1979, determined to bring other women along with her. Fresh off of a divorce and the news that a longtime vendor refused to approve her spa’s PO without her former husband’s signature, Friedrichs (Grandma Eva to YTTP co-founders Joe Cloyes and Greg Gonzalez,) launched her own line, Eva’s Esthetics, with the goal of creating skincare for all ethnicities, ages, genders, and skin types.

“If you’re lucky enough to have a platform, then use it for a positive change,” Friedrichs once said. It’s a legacy that informed the creation of Youth To The People and inspires us today. This Women’s History Month, we’re honoring the women who helped to build YTTP—Grandma Eva, and also her daughters, Lisa and Lori—strong, pioneering women who remain at the core of our company.

“When we founded YTTP in 2015, our family of women were at the heart and soul of the brand, beginning with our grandmother Eva who was not only a pioneer in professional-grade skincare, but a dominant force in our lives,” say Joe and Greg. “When our grandmother retired, she passed on the business and work ethic to our Aunt Lori and Greg’s mom Lisa, who are our mentors. Today, we continue our family’s legacy, which shapes our standard for innovation.”

Here’s a look at our history, our evolution:

Eva Friederichs, her husband, and their seven children moved to California where they opened a three-chair beauty salon.

With the help of her oldest daughter, also named Eva, they expanded the salon into a 4,000 square-foot full day spa.

Eva Friederichs, wife and mother of seven, took over operations of the successful family spa, Joseph’s, which sees 1,200 people per week.

Newly divorced, Eva was told that the botanically-based product line she had been importing to the US for the spa would not work with a single woman— they refused to approve her PO without the signature of her husband.

Faced with the loss of the professional-grade products she once used in the spa, Eva began formulating and manufacturing her own line of products.  She launched Eva's Esthetics with the mission of creating a skincare line for every ethnicity, age, gender, and skin type.

Eva sold her own car to finance the manufacturing of her first products.

Eva was considered a pioneer in the esthetics industry, helping to author the first examination for professional esthetic licensing in California.

Eva launched Images of Success, a series of seminars focused on teaching women how to be successful in the professional skincare industry.

Eva was named a legend in the industry by Dermascope Magazine.

Eva’s daughters, Lori and Lisa, took over at Eva’s Esthetics to carry on her passion for natural skincare, education, and innovation.

The third generation of Friederich family members join the skin care business: Joe Cloyes and Greg Gonzalez. They work in all areas of the business and learn the ropes of the beauty industry, mentored by the whole team at Eva’s.

With the support and partnership of Lori and Lisa, and inspired by their grandmother, Joe and Greg launch Youth To The People. Their own interpretation of three generations of botanically-derived, pro-grade skincare, the line launches with three products on Superfood Cleanser, Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream, and Superfood Serum.

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