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Good To The People Funds: 2023 Impact Review

06 Jan 2024
2023 marks another year of change giving and impact partnership

Youth To The People believes in individuals to engage in action, leaders to power advocacy and communities to create movements when it comes to societal change. Ultimately, we hope to energize a collective of changemakers from individual to industry that are inspired to invest as much as possible in supporting a better world and a healthy planet. The Good To The People Funds made grant donations throughout the year in continued support of change leaders that are shifting culture, challenging conversation and elevating opportunity to get us closer to our hope for a dream world for all. Through The Good To The People Funds we are proud to champion the following organizations and initiatives. We encourage our YTTP community to learn more and find out how to also action support.

Black Future Co-Op Fund

The Black Future Co-Op Fund is a visionary Black-women led philanthropic organization that centers collective action in its commitment to driving capital investment within Black communities across Washington state. This year YTTP was a proud sponsor of the WNBA’s Seattle Storm 2023 Force4Change “Kicks for Equality” campaign. The annual fundraiser is a part of the Seattle Storms social justice programming which provides significant support for local nonprofit organizations focused on building and promoting BIPOC community impact. YTTP provided a grant through the Good To The People Funds to help raise over $115k for the Black Future Co-Op Fund this year.

Coalition for Clean Air

Coalition for Clean Air is an environmental nonprofit recognized as California’s only statewide organization working exclusively on air quality issues. Advocacy is centered around innovative policy solutions, early adoption of new technologies, advisement on clean air practices through business and regulatory compliance, and public education on air pollution solutions. This past October was the Coalition for Clean Air’s 6th annual #CleanAirDay, which encourages individuals and organizations to pledge actions essential to clean air such as taking transit, shopping locally and installing air monitors. In addition to supporting #CleanAirDay again this year, a grant was made through the To The Planet to contribute to ongoing clean air awareness and California climate equity programing in which efforts are made to combat the disproportionate effects of climate change on low-income communities of color who suffer most from air pollution.

Climate Resolve

Climate Resolve is an LA based nonprofit that focuses on climate resiliency. Since its launch in 2010, it’s work has prioritized working with communities that are most affected by climate change impacts, particularly BIPOC residents. Work includes assisting communities to obtain funding for climate solutions and ensuring equitable implementation of climate legislation. For Earth Day, YTTP made a grant through the To The Planet Fund in support of our partnership and efforts to increase a collective commitment towards equitable climate solutions.

Downtown Women’s Center

The Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) is an LA based community organization that exclusively assists women experiencing homelessness and the formerly unhoused. DWC services include housing, wellness, employment, and advocacy. Dedicated assistance is also provided for trans women experiencing homelessness as part of their Trauma Informed Care programming. In addition to providing an annual GTTP Fund grant in support of DWC’s vision of ending homelessness in LA, YTTP donated over 300 hygiene kits for their community programs, sponsored the annual DWC Every Woman Housed Gala and volunteers in the DWC kitchen throughout the year delivering up to 200 meals during each daily food service. For the first time, YTTP partnered with active wear company Beyond Yoga, for a Giving Tuesday double match campaign in support of DWC. In 24 hours over $125k was raised to help the lives of 5,700 women overcoming homelessness served at the DWC.

Everytown For Gun Safety

EveryTown For Gun Safety (Everytown) is the nation’s largest gun prevention organization. Everytown promotes education through evidence-based research, partnership building and gun safety advocacy for local and nation reforms. With the growing spate of hate related violence targeting communities of color in California, YTTP made a grant donation to Everytown through the Good To The People Funds. The grant provided was to provide assistance for survivor families and impacted communities, while advocating for grassroots organizing in support of gun violence protection.

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code (GWC) is recognized as an international nonprofit organization aiming to close the gender gap in tech by increasing the number of women in computer science. Its programs include specialized campus activations, after-school clubs, summer immersion and a college club as well as a book series. In March, Girls Who Code held its first-ever CodeFair in support of its ten-year anniversary of impact. It was GWC’s biggest and most ambitious public campaign, which helped usher connections among young people of all levels of computing experience with tech leaders through innovative activations. Over 3000 people participated in the three-day immersive event designed to champion the spirit of “Build. Play. Create.” YTTP was proud to sponsor CodeFair this year through the Good To The People Funds and volunteer as a team at community activities throughout the event.

Girls for Gender Equity

Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) is a NY based nonprofit that advocates and actions through a Black feminist lens, to center the leadership of Black girls and gender-expansive young people of color in reshaping culture and policy through advocacy, youth-centered programming, and narrative shift to achieve gender and racial justice. Programming centers on addressing gender-based violence, ending law enforcement abuse and strengthening accessibility and safety protections for young people. A grant was made this year to GGE in ongoing support of racial equity and justice programming efforts to protect and uplift young people from all forms of trauma and abuse.

Global Fund for Women

Global Fund for Women is nonprofit organization that has supported feminist movements and grassroots organizers for over 30 years. Advocacy advances policies and practices intersectional to philanthropy, development and humanitarian aid. Global movements supported included adolescent girl's rights, domestic workers rights, climate justice, #MeToo and abortion rights. This year a grant was made through the To The Planet Fund to support the elevation of climate justice programming for women and young girls.

National Center for Transgender Equality

The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) is a leading social justice organization focused on ending discrimination and violence against transgender people. NCTE advocates through policy change and education on national issues impacting transgender people with active programming created to address racial and economic justice, provide legal services and support equality for transgender families. During Pride Month this year, a grant was made to elevate transgender awareness and champion community LGBTQIA+ solidarity.

Our Own

Our Own is an LA based community nonprofit founded with a mission to dismantle systemic barriers that have created socioeconomic injustices and generational disparities. Our Own’s work creates access to nutrition, education, entrepreneurship, mental and physical wellness through addressment of racial equity and social justice gaps. This year YTTP continued partnership through a grant in support of nutrition, wellness and mental health classroom programming. In addition, over 300 skincare kits were donated to support Our Own’s high school wellness student club program.

She Should Run

She Should Run (SSR) is a DC based mission driven female founded organization working to advance representation of women in elected office nationally. With a goal of inspiring 250,000 women from all walks of life to approach public leadership by 2030, She Should run provides education, training programs and readily accessible resource tools to engage current and future diverse community leaders across the nation. Over the past three years YTTP has been a proud partner with She Should Run by supporting investment in their large-scale national study of women's engagement and facility with both elected office and public leadership. This year SSR published its report The State of Women: 2023 Multiplier Report and Roadmap during National Election Day and convened civic engagement experts to discuss where there is momentum and opportunity to continue inspiring leadership participatory change leading up to next year's general election.

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