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What Are the Benefits of Sunflower Oil for Skin?

29 Sep 2020

Our skin is not only our largest organ but our primary defense against the world around us—a vital barrier that protects our body from UV rays, environmental aggressors, pollutants, and irritants. With a job this big, it’s no surprise that skin sometimes needs extra TLC, and sunflower oil is a great ingredient to give it some love. So what are the benefits of sunflower oil for skin?

Sunflower oil is a significant source of fatty acids that your skin craves as it works to defend you from the outside world. In particular, sunflower oil is rich in linoleic and oleic fatty acids, neither of which are produced naturally by our bodies, so topical application is key. 

A tongue-twister, linoleic acid is a true powerhouse; it helps to maintain your skin’s natural barrier, which is vital to not only your skin health but also texture. A healthy barrier enables your skin to keep hydration in and aid it in its ability to defend against environmental aggressors and irritants. Keeping the good in and the bad out sounds simple enough, but the significance of this cannot be overstated.

Sunflower oil also helps to minimize the signs of aging linked to free radical damage thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities. With decreased inflammation comes decreased redness and softer surface texture. 

I like to describe the sunflower oil as having the Goldilocks texture—just right. Sunflower oil is lightweight and non-greasy. This enables the skin to absorb it quickly and easily without blocking pores or creating congestion. 

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