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This is How We’re Adapting and Connecting

10 Apr 2020

Checking in, YTTP fam—how are you doing?

What changes have you been forced to make during this unprecedented health crisis? There are challenges, not least of which are loneliness, fear, and adapting to a new (though temporary) way of living—and that’s for those fortunate enough to be employed and safe at home. Our hearts and gratitude are with the frontline workers facing this crisis head-on.

We’re not meant to be secluded—humans need community. At YTTP, we’ve been finding ways to adapt, to keep connecting, to stay in touch.

The Youth To The People team has been working from home for a while now, including our field team who are used to being in-store with you at Sephora, offering advice and knowledge face to face. They miss you! We all miss each other. So we found a new way to share our experience: through 15-minute (free) skincare consultations on Zoom. If your skin is stressed, or you’re looking to add something extra to your routine, our experts are here to chat it through. There’s also a new live chat option on our site. Check it out or schedule a one-on-one consultation here.

Our Los Angeles crew is used to gathering at our Arts District LAHQ—and we miss that, but now we’re taking our gatherings to Instagram where we’re hosting three Live sessions per week—live DJ hours, workout classes, vegan cooking lessons, poetry readings and more. The weekly schedule will be posted on our Instagram, and we’ll keep the programming coming until it’s safe to gather in person again.

Our whole team is learning to come together in a new way now, too. We’re lucky to have each other through all of this, and now we show up for each other in daily Zoom meetings and even Zoom cocktail hours and virtual hangs. Our new coworkers (read: dogs, cats, birds, babies, roommates, and partners) are showing up for many of these—they weren’t explicitly invited, but we’re also not denying that some meetings are scheduled with the hope of glimpsing a tail or two. 

How are you taking care of yourself, adapting, and connecting with your community in a time of social distancing? What are you hoping for? We want to hear from you—join us on Instagram Live and in a Skincare Consultation so we can connect.

Stay well and be healthy.

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