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The Role of Ceramides in the Moisture Barrier

11 Apr 2022

Skincare enthusiasts may already be familiar with ceramides—fatty acids that play a major role in replenishing the skin and fortifying the skin’s protective barrier. As for how they work, we tapped licensed esthetician, Brittany Thomas (aka SkinBae on IG) to break down how ceramides strengthen the moisture barrier. 

“When we talk about supple, hydrated, and youthful skin, ceramides have to be included in the conversation,” Thomas says. “They contain lipids—fatty acids that provide protection for your skin's barrier. They [help skin to] retain moisture.” According to Thomas, ceramides function as a binding agent between the skin and its protective barrier. Ceramides consist of long chains that link with our skin in order to create a strong barrier. 

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it protects our internal organs every single day from all kinds of external factors, including germs, pollution, changes in temperature, and more. Ceramides seal in our body’s moisture (we’re made up of roughly 60% water!) while locking out harmful things, protecting our skin against irritation, and appearing more plump and youthful. 

Fun fact: ceramides are naturally found in our bodies. However, due to natural aging and environmental factors such as pollution, our skin naturally loses ceramides over time. Thomas compares ceramides to the zipper of a coat; it helps hold in all that good moisture. 

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Written by Jasely Molina for Youth To The People

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