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Visible Results: What the 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum Can Do for Your Skin

08 Dec 2020

Combine three next-generation forms of vitamin C with a custom clean caffeine blend, throw in some powerful superfood extracts, and you’ll end up with visible skin results, both instant and cumulative. Don’t just take our word for it, though; to capture the benefits of our brand new 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum, we turned to the Friends of YTTP Trial Team, who dutifully applied the Energy Serum every morning for one month. Each week, we checked in on their skin concerns, goals, and the skin results they’ve seen since introducing the serum into their daily routine. 

100% of the YTTP Trial Team noted that they have experienced hyperpigmentation. But after four weeks of using the Energy Serum, approximately 83% of participants reported a visible improvement in their hyperpigmentation. Below, check out what else the Energy Serum did for their skin—and what it can do for yours. 


“The serum feels lightweight yet intensely hydrating. Upon application, I feel invigorated as the serum is very refreshing. I love how it quickly absorbs into my skin and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind, considering I use 4 pumps for every application.” — @skinwithbri, Briana Soto

“The best word I can think of to describe applying this serum onto my skin is silky. Unlike other vitamin C products I have used, this serum is NOT tacky. It glides onto the skin, absorbs quickly, causes no irritation or sensitization whatsoever, and does not pill/ball up. My skin does not feel tight, tingly or dry after using this serum. It feels refreshed, bouncy and glowing. The texture is absolutely gorgeous and like a rejuvenating drink for my skin.” — @thepamperplace, Peyton Ripa

“The texture + feel of this serum are so unique. It feels fresh + light and absorbs so quickly, also giving my skin a beautiful glow!” — @vanityguru, Valeria Hawit

“It glides on effortlessly and absorbs quickly into the skin. The clean scent and instant results are unmatched.” — @lefreaks_, Monique Sedlar


“I am actually shocked by the overall texture improvement and my hyperpigmentation has truly gone down!” — @abbymariehardie, Abby Hardie

“My favorite thing about using this product so far has to be the brightening, evening effects of the serum. Since using it, I have noticed my skin looking very even, bright and just calm throughout the day. I tend to have some splotchiness or uneven skin tone, and that has improved.” — @thepamperplace, Peyton Ripa

“My skin is seeing great results in such a quick turnaround. I also love the texture and how lightweight yet hydrating it is.” — @jessiejoemonge, Yessenia L Monge Murphy

“The texture impresses me the most since vitamin C serums are sometimes not very pleasant—this one is thin, silky and absorbs easily without being tacky.” — @sugarcoatedshushu, Shushu Alam

“The refreshing caffeine scent really makes it a whole experience. I really love that it works well on its own or when I wear makeup.” — @lipstickittty, Ash Sherengo


“I can see visible improvements such as my PIH are faded much faster, skin is smoother, soft, glowing and overall skin tone is much more even and radiant. I do see my smile line appears to be less visible (less deep) after week 2 of using!! Totally in love with it.” — @cloesshi, Cloe Luu

“I have noticed that my overall skin tone has improved. It looks more even, my pigmentation has faded and any new pigmentation fades faster due to consistent use. I’ve also noticed I look refreshed/rejuvenated and my skin is so glowy! After applying in the morning, my skin appears way less puffy. Overall, the serum has improved my skin for the better.” @skinwithbri, Briana Soto

“My skin looks visibly more radiant, glowing and overall extremely healthy. My skin feels and looks incredibly soft, I really notice it when cleansing and massaging products into my skin. In the mornings, my skin is no longer dull, it is bright and reflecting all the light.” — @thepamperplace, Peyton Ripa

“The biggest difference for me has been the radiance of my skin. I look refreshed and visibly brighter.” — @samsaa, Samantha Mims


“My skin loves this serum! The most visible difference is that my skin has an overall brighter complexion and skin dark spots are becoming more even. My dark spots were very stubborn and nothing worked; I have definitely noticed how less noticeable they are and some spots are completely reduced.” — @delanique, Delanique

“This is so far the best vitamin C I have ever tried. Especially in the morning when I have to quickly take care of my skin to go to work, a fast absorbing product like this helps me get ready faster without pilling other products. The light ginger smell is another thing I love about it. And of course, it works wonderfully!” — @cloesshi, Cloe Luu

“It’s so different from any other vitamin C serum I’ve used. If I didn’t know it was one, I wouldn’t have believed it!” @sugarcoatedshushu, Shushu Alam

“I definitely love the combination of the vitamin C blend and caffeine. This combo is like a cup of coffee in the morning for my face! I love how I’m getting multiple benefits at once. One of my favorite aspects of the serum formula is how incredibly lightweight it feels in texture, but how intensely hydrating it is at the same time. However, it never made me feel oily. Rather, it sank beautifully into my skin and left me looking radiant and GLOWY. My makeup looked better and better each week, and I didn’t have to wear as much! Lastly, I love that the serum doesn’t have typical artificial fragrances like a majority of vitamin c serums. The scent is invigorating and refreshing, especially in the morning. It made application much more enjoyable and more of an experience. Overall, I am so happy that I have found my holy grail vitamin C serum, I never thought this day would come!” @skinwithbri, Briana Soto

“I'm obsessed with the feel of it upon application. I love that it's effective at reducing hyperpigmentation but I especially love that it contains caffeine and visibly reduces my puffiness in the morning which is a major concern for me!” @vanityguru, Valeria Hawit

“My #1 favorite thing had to be the smell. This formula has the most delicious, invigorating natural smell of fresh ginger. I genuinely looked forward to the smell first thing in the morning to wake me up. It is just to die for.” — @thepamperplace, Peyton Ripa
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