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Saturn Responds to the Youth Questionnaire

04 Sep 2020

Welcome to Saturn’s orbit. Saturn is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, pop star, performer, and creative director, a queer creator and independent artist unabashedly sharing their vision with the world through electric dance performances and iconic fashions.

Taking vocal inspiration from the likes of T-Boz, Brandy, and Britney Spears, Saturn gracefully embodies authenticity and strength. In April 2020, they released Venus Virgo, an archival project featuring previously unreleased tracks and varying demos. It's full of raw feeling and ethereal, electronic bops. The angelic vocal riffs in “Sing it for the Boy” are guaranteed to bring out the wannabe Mariah within. 

For a glimpse into Saturn’s world, press play on their new single, Ready, and delve into their responses to the Youth Questionnaire.

Question 1: How do you help others?

I live my life as an example of honest expression. I hope my presence encourages people to live lives they’re proud of. Pride with a sense of being whole—maybe not complete, but whole.

Question 3: Where are you most free?

In the water or dancing. When I dance, I go to a place where no one can reach me. I airbend in movement. I hear myself clearer as I dance. Water is the same. I am better in tune with my soul submerged in water.

Question 7: Describe something that inspired change in your perspective.

Things brew within me for a long time before I understand them. I think changing my relationship to drinking in order to save my work was a big shift in consciousness for me. My art is probably my deepest connection to myself and spirit and I remember being so detached from the reality of it as I pursued nightlife. I was shooting a video for a song called “Splash,” and that video was a part in a series that dealt with sobriety. My director who I was working on the series with decided that “Splash” was the next to be shot, but he didn't know that I began to change my relationship to drinking. That felt like a confirmation from spirit about purpose. I became very serious about my spirituality and I think that prepped me for who I needed to be once the WORLD shifted. 

Question 8: What is your coolest trick?

I can look you in your eyes and make you fall in love with me. Word to Medusa.

Question 10: Describe your relationship with your ego.

HEALTHY! Lol I’m a Leo and I think people assume that we’re so confident, but we're not! We have the ability to look within ourselves without shame because we love and understand ourselves. 

Question 11: What is your favorite flower or tree, and why?

Whichever flower someone brings me. I like big strong trees with big branches that I can climb and sit on.

Question 14: If you could encourage others to support something you believe to be universally beneficial, what would it be?


Like it's so simple. Once the “least” of “us” are free, we’re all free. AGAIN, it's simple.

Question 19: If your energy were visible to others, what would it look like?

Glowing and possibly glimmering. Iridescent bubble. But it would alter depending on the viewer. 

Question 20: What does it mean to you to go beyond?

SO many people ignore the thought in their head to help and understand the person next to them. It baffles me in this world that it is weird to be kind and empathic. Like I hear so much of “most people are shitty and fucked up or have done something problematic.” I'm like why? And why is that normalized? We all know better and should have to be reprimanded before we do better. Go beyond the selfish nature of being full of shit and just be a great person.

Photo courtesy of @OYEJEANNETTE

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