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Pride Is

In celebration of Pride, we asked our team and community what Pride means to them.
03 Jul 2020

In celebration of Pride, we asked our team and community what Pride means to them. Use this link to download and share your own "Pride Is" poster!

“Pride is about owning who you are and who you want to be. It's about love and understanding, not only for yourself but everyone around you.” [Meg Martin]

"Pride is ever evolving. Pride is believing in how far I've come and continuing to get to know my true authentic self. Pride is continuing to explore myself however I want, and not care what other people think. Pride is believing I have the right to be as happy as everyone else. Pride is love and JOY. Pride is living my life for ME and no one else. Pride is a celebration!" [Jessie Giammalva]

“It is being at peace with my consciousness, expressing love without fear or shame, always pushing beyond the status quo.  Pride is a free mind and limitless heart.” [Kristen Lawson]

“Pride means standing up for what you believe in no matter what. Not being afraid to express yourself because someone tells you it's wrong. If you love yourself there is no telling how far your rainbow can reach.” [Drew Hazelhurst]

“Pride means more than awareness, more than visibility, although both are important. Pride is about action. To celebrate Pride and uplift our community means that we must also support that community through our everyday actions.” [Matt Brooks]

Pride means being the highest version of myself, showing off every single piece of who I am, and not playing small for anyone.” [Alexa Garcia]

“Pride means feeling like you have a place in the world that is honest and truthful. It is disciplined in putting on a vibrant display of confidence. Pride means being so in love with life that you want to show the world just how beautiful, bold, and thriving the love you have is! Pride is a sense of accomplishment that is loud and sometimes over the top! When you have that good kind of pride, what other people think of you is irrelevant and you can live peacefully.” [Kaleena Zanders]

"As a QPOC, pride is more than just a once-a-year commitment to flags and rainbows; it’s the reclamation of power amongst the socially marginalized. Pride means having the sheer determination, courage, and confidence to unabashedly be myself and speak the truth every day regardless of how the outside world perceives it." [Brinda Iyer]

“Pride is recognizing your needs as valid—advocating for your physical, mental, emotional, and financial stability without being deemed "too much." [Manna Zel]

“Pride means living each day, happily honoring the responsibility of being a positive example to the LGBTQIIA+ community and others. Respecting the elders in our shared community that paved the way for our daily comforts, all while fighting to extend and enrich those comforts for generations to come... Looking back, and still looking forward at the same time, with positivity and hope in all things I do. [Jacob Del Rosario]

“I find pride in my performance. I am learning you have to have pride and love for the things you have accomplished the minute that they happen. You have to wear it. It is ok to love yourself. I am confident, and they want me to tame that. I am queer, and they want me to tame that. I am non-binary, and they want me to tame that. Pride for me is reflecting on all of the moments that I said yes to myself, stood up for myself, or was there for myself and what I really needed. There's a graciousness in pride. I am grateful that I was given the courage and given the opportunity to embrace life in this moment—a gift from all my queer ancestors.” [Saturn Rising]

“Pride is about shining your inner light so that others not only can bask in it, but be inspired to shine their own. Pride is all about making this world a less dark place. Let's light it up now more than ever.” [David Yi]

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