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Skincare for People Who Shave Their Faces

22 Jun 2021

I’ve never met someone who looked forward to shaving their face. Hair gets all over the sink. It usually takes place before your caffeine has time to fully set in. There’s a distinct chapped feeling sure to follow. Shaving of the body has an even lower approval rating. 

Let me offer you a paradigm shift. What if shaving felt like a ritual? What if shaving followed the old Scouts adage (paraphrased here), leave your skin better than you found it? It’s entirely possible. After a chat with YTTP's Senior Manager of Field Sales + Education, Jacob Tomás del Rosario, I can tell you how.

For those who shave a little

Exfoliation before shaving is usually a good idea—especially if you’re not an everyday shaver.

“Dead skin and sebum build up under your facial hair, and if not scrubbed away, it can cause an uneven surface for your razor,” says del Rosario. The Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial has bamboo and diatomaceous earth that together create a gentle polish that is effective, not aggressive. Add it to your pre-shave routine one to three times per week. 

“Proper exfoliation can lift the hair up and away from the surface of your face, cutting down on tugging,” says del Rosario.

For those who shave a lot

Shave every day? As del Rosario says, “You’ll still want to get rid of dead skin, albeit more gently since shaving is already a form of physical exfoliation.” Try a chemical exfoliant like the Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner in the evening, especially if you shave in the morning. Lactic and glycolic acids loosen dead skin to help speed up your skin’s natural skin shedding process—especially useful when a pesky ingrown hair pops up.

Tips for everyone

No matter where or how frequently you’re shaving, you’ll want to prevent razor burn. To do so, don’t use more blades than you need, steer clear of dry shaving, shave with your hair growth, and make sure to rinse and replace your razor often. You got this.


Help restore your skin’s barrier with a nourishing mask like Superclay Purify + Clear Power Mask. It will help draw out the impurities lurking behind your facial hair while also protecting and fortifying the skin thanks to 2% niacinamide and skin-friendly probiotics that help the mask to clear skin without stripping it. Never take more than you give, I always say.

The finishing touch

No matter how you keep your facial hair, the Superbery Hydrate + Glow Dream Oil will come in handy. It can condition facial hair andhelp calm skin after a clean shave. Del Rosario’s tip: “Warm up a few drops of the Dream Oil in your hand and press it into the areas that need a little extra attention. Let it be a ritual.” (Don’t be shy if you have oily skin; a well-formulated facial oil can actually help balance and mitigate sebum production.)

Written by Or Gotham for Youth To The People

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