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Queer Advocates Share Their Advice for the Next Generation

10 Jul 2020

In a society that rarely gives queer folx the guidance and support we need to navigate our identities, it is necessary to use our voices and speak from our experiences to uplift our LGBTQIA+ family. As a brown, gay man I still rarely see my story told in mainstream media. So imagine how little representation and visibility exists for queer youth who are POC, Black, trans, and womxn.

As the younger generations identify as LGBTQIA+ more than previous generations, telling our stories and acting as a support system for each other is more essential than ever. We asked some of our friends and respected figures from the community to share their words of wisdom and Advice for You[th] to help us celebrate Pride today and every day. 

Watch the video below to stay inspired, to feel hopeful, and stay resilient.

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