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Our Sustainability Journey

29 Apr 2021

We’re a consumer goods company and by nature, consumer goods are wasteful. Consumer goods rely on the purchase-to-manufacturing feedback loop. We believe sustainability is a never-ending journey and we are committed to doing better.

From the start, our sustainability efforts have been rooted in intersectionality and science. Our planet and people are in crisis because of the warming of the earth. Women and communities of color disproportionately suffer the impact of climate catastrophes. The manufacturing of consumer goods contributes to these catastrophes, and it isn’t enough that we’re part of the climate change solution.

We must produce less waste, we must use fewer resources, and we must treat the people and the planet with dignity and regard throughout the manufacturing process. We must contribute less to climate breakdown from the start.

Taking Action


We are determined to achieve the net zero greenhouse gas emissions we have created since launch and to offset all future emissions with certified carbon offsets. In addition, we commit to a 25% energy reduction across all operations by 2025, so that we are not merely part of the solution but we lessen our impact from the start.

Ingredients Sourcing 

We research many factors when sourcing the ingredients in our formulas, like can we source the ingredient from a local supplier? And was the ingredient farmed organically and sustainably? We also utilize synthetic bioidentical ingredients, which are often times more sustainable, always vegan, and great for your skin.

Product Manufacturing 

We will continue to create 100% vegan formulas made in California. In addition, we will consciously source those vegan ingredients and verify that our supply chains do not negatively impact the environment and the people in the communities adjacent to our supply chains.

Packaging (Reduce Waste)

We are determined to make 100% of our packaging recyclable by the end of 2022. We use glass bottles and jars in 100% of our products down to the deluxe sample size. Any plastic parts will be a minimum 70% PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic) by the end of 2022. We are committed to only using FSC-certified paper.

For more on what it means to be FSC-certified, click here.

To The Planet Fund

By the end of 2023 our To The Planet Fund will donate $1 million to nonprofit organizations acting for climate justice, advocating for women and BIPOC communities that are negatively impacted by climate catastrophe, safeguarding our wild spaces and the flora and fauna diversity of our planet, and innovating solutions to climate breakdown. 

Community and Industry

We will continue to learn. We will continue to be students of social justice, science, and the natural world. We will never settle for greenwashing. We will transparently and freely share research and sustainable practices with other skincare and beauty brands in the hope that we can help inspire and enable other companies to lessen their impact on the planet. We aim to make real and lasting change across our industry and others. 

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