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Meet The People: Lyric Burns on Independence, Positive Energy, and Staying Present

16 Apr 2020

Meet model Lyric Burns, featured in the Yerba Mate resurfacing Energy Facial campaign. “I moved to the city three years ago to pursue my passion for modeling and to become a powerful woman who excels in her own craft and uses her platform to give back,” says Burns. Her motivation comes from her faith and family: “I am driven by my Christianity, as well as my love for my little sister whom I helped raise into the woman she is now becoming.” The Albuquerque, New Mexico-born Burns spoke to YTTP about positive energy and self-care, and staying centered in a time of crisis.

If you ever feel “off,” do you have any self-care rituals that help ground you?

Some of my self-care rituals are yoga, working out, and taking care of my body and skin. I love to make time to spend alone with myself and just relax. 

How does your energy impact those around you? (And vice versa?)

My energy impacts others in a way that makes them enjoy their job or time more. I always make sure to brighten up the room with a joke or two in both professional and casual settings. When I am at my best, my presence is felt and definitely lifts others around me as well. 

What’s your personal motto?

By any means, struggle but emerge.

Was there a time you had to fight to stand for your own beliefs? 

Being a young black woman, it is unrealistic to name just one instance of having to stand up for what I believe in. I have been an independent woman working as a full-time model since I was 14 years old, and self-sufficient by 17, and have constantly had to fight for my rights as a woman, as an African American, as a Christian, and as a professional. 

In your point of view, what’s the best way to understand someone else, or help them to understand you?

When it comes to understanding between any two human beings, there are bound to be differences, as no two humans are created alike. As different as we are individually, we are still all human, and therefore all have a common ground/place for understanding. I believe it is best to start from this commonplace—and speak honestly from there—to develop a mutual respect for any differences we may encounter.

What has positive energy done in your life?

Positive energy is the reason why I’ve had a lot of my success and why I am where I am today. It has helped open many doors in my career and personal life. 

How are you coping with the state of the world right now? Are you finding any practice or mindset or action to be particularly helpful?

I have been meditating and doing a lot of yoga and listening to my body when it needs to rest. I believe that this really helps me cope. I am taking it day by day and not thinking too much about the what-ifs or whens.

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