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How To Build The Ultimate Routine for Skin Health with The Youth System™

13 Jul 2021

Let's face it: finding your ideal skincare lineup that delivers—and maintains results—can add up and feel a lot like dating. A skincare product sounds good on paper, the banter is even better on the box, but when it comes to compatibility with your core friends already in your lineup and aligning with your goals, things can start to fade out fast, especially when trying on many people (ahem, products) at once. Then, it's back to searching for that one you’d like to get to know better. With so many products coming out and at you, it can also become Stress City, USA.

That stops with Youth To The People's latest drop: The Youth System™. This six-piece skin-improvement toolkit is designed with enough flex to work across all skin types, goals, and concerns to help anyone—literally from a beginner to a pro—looking to rev up their regimen, easily build consistent daily, nightly, and weekly rituals that take your skin where you want it to go—in 30 days or fewer. For reference, that's faster than your skin cells naturally turn over

If you or a friend are new to the brand (hi!) and have been wanting to try out a few things, this is your perfect amuse-bouche to Youth To The People’s Pro-Grade Vegan™ formulation philosophy

"This kit is perfect for those starting to get into skincare or anyone looking for a full routine without the trial and error of going through creating a regimen," says Laura Cline, YTTP’s Director of Education. "We put so much thoughtful attention, care, and purpose into this lineup so it stretches across all skin goals and can be customizable to any concerns that arise."  

The toolkit includes refillable mini sizes of Youth To The People's community favorites—including the bestselling Superfood Cleanser, a lightweight but heavy hitting hydrating Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream, the 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum which is an ultra-stable, brightening vitamin C serum that also depuffs, the multi-tasking omega-rich Superberry Dream Oil, the firming Dream Eye Cream, and the Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial exfoliant to smooth texture and clear buildup.  

"These mini glass bottles and jars are also the most convenient thing ever," says Cline. "You can refill them and take them with you when you travel once you feel comfortable getting back out there, or level up to full size.”

The system also comes with daily skincare ritual cards to guide you through your morning, nightly wind-down, and week. There are also quick hacks to customize your system preferences should any surprises (looking at you breakouts and dryness) pop up, and mindful practices you can implement while applying your skincare to mirror the positive effects you’re seeing outwardly, inwardly. After all, youth is more about a mindset than anything, right?  

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