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7 Superfood Cleanser Hacks to Help You Get the Most from Your Face Wash

04 Aug 2020

Our field team—the folks you see in store at Sephora—are skincare experts. They know Youth To The People top to bottom, and if you ever have questions, you can get personal skincare advice with a free Skin Session (book here!). The team lives all over the United States and Canada, so they have skin advice for every climate, too.

Today, they’re here to let you in on a few secrets—seven off-label uses for the Superfood Cleanser. It’s an all-star in its own right, made somehow even better with these hacks.

“Mix in a pea-sized amount of the Superfood Reset Mask with a pump of the Superfood Cleanser for a deeper cleanse once in a while,” says Kristina R. in Phoenix, AZ.

“In order to help lift off my sunscreen or heavier makeup, I apply the Superfood Cleanser to dry skin and massage it in, rinse, and then proceed to cleanse with water,” says Jess Greeley in Montreal, QC.

Jess has another hack for the lovers of false lashes: “I have eyelash extensions and it is so important to keep my eyes clean, not only to prolong the longevity of the lashes but to prevent infection or irritation. I LOVE applying a small amount of the Superfood Cleanser to a makeup brush, adding water, lathering it and proceeding to stroke the brush downward from my lash line. It does not burn my eyes and helps keep my lashes looking fresh!”

“My skin is acne and congestion prone. I like to be strategic with my cleansing, making sure to concentrate initial application of the Superfood Cleanser on areas where I want a deeper and more thorough cleanse such as my chin, jawline, and nose area before sweeping cleanser across other areas. This allows me to keep all areas of my skin balanced and treated equally,” says AJ in Tacoma, WA.

“I love mixing my Superfood Cleanser with Superberry Oil to create my own personal oil cleanser which I use when I have on makeup and want to do a double cleanse. It gives me a deep clean with a touch of glow, and silky soft, clean skin,” says Krystin P. in Fairfield, CT.

“I recently have been experiencing some texture and my skin has been looking really dull and lackluster during this quarantine period. So I decided to try something new with the Superfood Cleanser and the Yerba Mate Energy Facial by mixing the two together after wetting my face. It creates a gentle exfoliating cleanser that energizes my skin, making it look more vibrant and awake. My skin felt refreshed and smooth,” says Babs in Los Angeles, CA.

One more from Babs, this time for the body: “After my workout, I sub out my body wash for the Superfood Cleanser on my chest and upper back to prevent breakouts.”

Happy hacking! 

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