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How Does Vitamin C Firm the Skin?

24 Jul 2020

It takes just a quick scroll through Instagram to see that everyone is talking about vitamin C, or pretty much anywhere on the internet; in fact, a quick search for vitamin C on Sephora’s website alone generates over 650 product results. Vitamin C is most commonly touted for its skin tone evening benefits and for help with fading hyperpigmentation and boosting radiance—but did you also know that it is a potent firming ingredient? 

I like to think of the skin as a balloon filled with air. Initially, the balloon is stretched taut and the texture appears very smooth. But give it a week, and as the air diminishes, the balloon begins to feel softer and the texture becomes more wrinkled. Our skin experiences something similar as we age and lose collagen, which makes up about 75% of our skin and aids in both strength and firmness. Our skin naturally produces this vital protein, however the process does slow considerably as we age. 

Vitamin C is a powerful ally in minimizing the effects of collagen loss. It is one of the few ingredients that has been shown to provide significant improvements in skin’s synthesis of collagen. Consistent, topical use of vitamin C will help to boost collagen production, creating firmer looking skin and helping to reduce signs of premature again. 

Vitamin C comes in many forms and at varying percentages, which makes for varying potency—but don’t assume that the highest percentage always yields the best firming results. Check instead for the most effective form of vitamin C, THD ascorbate, which has been clinically proven at 50x more potent than another form of vitamin C called L-ascorbic. Happy firming!

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