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Do You Need to Change Your Cleanser with the Seasons?

26 Jan 2021

There is no skincare product quite as essential as a good cleanser. It has the power to purify pores, lifting off dirt and debris to prevent the formation of pimples, while maintaining the skin’s natural oils and ensuring a good foundation for any treatment applied thereafter. However, as the given first act in any effective regimen, the importance of choosing the right one is often overlooked.

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As Youth To The People’s Education Executive, Lauren Cummings explains, “The best cleanser will help balance pH levels, leaving skin feeling hydrated and cushioned, while the wrong one can create all manner of inflammationfrom blemishes to dryness and general irritation.”

So, how to pick the right one for your skin type, and should we be switching out formulas with each changing season? The answer to both questions is stupendously simple if you’re willing to go all in and stay loyalday in, day outto a single hero product. Namely, this award-winning cleanser by Youth To The People. 

“The Superfood Cleanser is special because it is specifically formulated without sulfates and is pH-balanced, which means it works in all seasons to ensure a healthy level of moistureno matter what the weather condition,” explains Cummings. For anyone in want of a reminder, pH-balance is the difference between your skin being acidic or alkaline, and sulfates are persona non grata due to their propensity for stripping the skin of its natural oils, resulting in that squeaky clean, oh-so-tight feeling andfor most people—an uncomfortably dry, itchy complexion. You won’t find them in the Superfood Cleanser.

Chock full of chlorophyll-rich, skin soothing phytonutrients (sourced from the likes of spinach, kale, green tea, and alfalfa), the Superfood Cleanser also wins big as an all-weather friend thanks to its roster of anti-inflammatory ingredients, antioxidants, and vitamins K, C, and E. Plus, because it’s pH-balanced it helps safeguard your skin’s acid mantleaka its natural protective shield against environmental aggressors, like pollution, air-conditioning, and harsh sun, rain, or wind.

Moreover, the longer you use the Superfood Cleanser, the better results you can expect.

“With all skincare products you will see the full benefits after 28 days, or about a month,” continues Cummings, “but with this cleanser you will feel the difference after just a few uses.” Immediate results include a dewy, hydrated complexion, while dedicated, everyday use equals baby-soft skin and a noticeable improvement in overall tone and texture.

To further supercharge results, Cummings adds that massaging a dime-sized amount into damp skin for a full minute will more effectively cut through makeup, sunscreen, and excess sebum, while also providing a nice boost in circulation. It’s an apt tip for anytime of year, but no more so than the current bone-dry winter season.

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Written by Elsa de Berker for Youth To The People

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