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Beautiful People: Daniel Buezo + Weleh Dennis, Founders of Kids of Immigrants

02 May 2021

If beauty is in how you treat everyone, and that starts with how you treat yourself, then self-love becomes primary in the beautiful process of taking care of your community, your family, and everyone around you. That love for self, family, and community is present in everything created by Daniel Buezo and Weleh Dennis, two kids of immigrants who five years ago founded a brand—and really, a community—named the same.

Kids of Immigrants celebrates five years of quick-to-sell-out clothes emblazoned with words like “IMMIGRANT,” “SUPPORT YOUR FRIENDS,” and “LOVE,” with LOVE WEEK. And the clothes, like Buezo and Dennis, bring pride to being and living those things. Their designs are inspired by and created for the youth, kids who—as first-generation Americans who are children of Honduran and Liberian immigrants, respectively—Buezo and Dennis see themselves in. 

With Kids of Immigrants, they wanted to “make love the coolest shit ever,” says Dennis—and to anyone who has become a part of their community, it’s pretty clear that they have. 

Mark your calendar to shop the limited edition Kids of Immigrants x Youth To The People collab at the LOVE WEEK Pop-Up (5/8-5/9) at YTTP HQ. 708 Traction Avenue, Los Angeles, California.


Editorial direction + interview by Alyssa Shapiro

Creative direction by Cameron Brocksen

Photographs + video by Alex Kenealy

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