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Announcing the To The Future Fund

28 Jan 2021

Social justice must be imperative when making a promise like Skincare For All®. 

That’s how we began the story announcing our Good To The People Funds. It’s how we’ve started this one. And it’s how we’ll begin the next. We hope it serves as a reminder, to us and you, that we are a brand with purpose. It’s also the principle that guides our Funds.

Last month you met To The People Fund, and today, we’d like you to meet our second, To The Future Fund.

To The Future Fund looks ahead. Through the To The Future Fund, Youth To The People aims to incubate hopeful and innovative initiatives that dare to build a better, more peaceful, and equitable future, driven by the efforts and ideas of youth. Girls, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ youth need to shape the future for it to be representative and just for all.

To The Future Fund acknowledges our shared history, not the whitewashed words printed in some school textbooks or the pervading myth that ‘the land of the free’ isn’t more aspirational than reality, but the history that has excluded, denied human rights and access, and divided. It acknowledges that the present isn’t what it should be, and that great transformation is needed. It asserts that the future must not only be better, it must be equal.

We manufacture skincare; we don’t have all the answers, but we do believe that social justice and gender equality must be the focus of investment, innovation, creation, and strategy. Our Funds are one of the ways our company acknowledges our responsibility. Through them, we support nonprofit organizations that are doing the work to break down barriers and dismantle systemic injustices.

To The Future Fund supports nonprofits working to increase representation, access, and equity for all people. We believe that starts with empowering girls, BIPOC youth, and LGBTQIA+ youth.

We give support to nonprofits driven by the positive, scrappy, change-will-happen ideals of youth. We give to nonprofits that have diverse and inclusive missions and teams.

We’re pleased to announce our first To The Future Fund nonprofit partner, She Should Run. She Should Run is a nonpartisan nonprofit working to dramatically increase the number of women considering a run for public office. She Should Run motivates women from all walks of life to explore the possibility of public office by identifying and tackling the barriers to elected leadership.

Our Fund selected She Should Run as its inaugural partner to address the need for representation of all communities where decisions are made. To The Future Fund’s charter, a future shaped by all youth, with justice for all, requires representation of all people, at every level of government. Therefore, more women and particularly BIPOC women must run for office. Children must see themselves in our society’s leaders and decision makers. Girls, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ youth need to shape the future for it to be representative and just for all. 

In She Should Run’s most recent initiative, Change is Her, the organization takes aim at empowering women with the message, “If you care, you are qualified.” In addition to inspiring women to run for public office, She Should Run tackles the barriers to elected leadership with data-driven content, education, and collective action.

Equality and justice have never before been as obtainable to the human family, and yet, to arrive there—to a place where all human life is respected and protected equally and we can continue living on a habitable planet—requires societal transformation. It requires decision makers to be diverse. To be representative of the diversity of our communities. It requires more than one woman in the White House, more than a minority of women in the legislative branch, and many more women running for down ballot offices.

This month, we’re not only introducing To The Future Fund, we’re also setting its goal: over the next three years we’ll donate $1 million to nonprofit organizations working toward greater representation and access for girls, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ youth. We’ve begun by donating $50,000.00 to She Should Run.

Together we shape the future.

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