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Meet the Good To The People Funds

01 Dec 2020

Social justice must be imperative when making a promise like Skincare For All®. 

The genesis of Youth To The People is deeply rooted in the protection of people and the planet. Our founders were mentored by their grandmother who founded her own line forty years ago in response to misogyny by a company who refused to sell her salon products. Why? Because there wasn’t a man running her business. Gender equality, empowerment, and representation were her mission for the rest of her life— a mission she passed on to her grandsons. With a pro-grade vegan line of products, we depend on the health and the abundance of the Earth. As a manufacturer committed to using glass, we recognize the devastating impact of single use plastics on our one planet. 

These are some of the whys. Why we care. Why we put people and the planet first. But offered alone, passions, good intentions, punchy taglines, and positive vibes won’t end systemic injustices. Activists, community organizers, reformers, nonprofits, scientists, academics, and innovators will. We believe in supporting them. 


Today we’re launching the Good To The People Funds. Please welcome to the YTTP family, our To The People, To The Planet, and To The Future Funds. 

Each fund is issue-focused, and each will make donations to philanthropic nonprofits working to address the challenges facing the human family and our one planet. 

Philanthropy has always been in our brand DNA. We’ve hand delivered laptops to students who were the first in their family to attend college. We’ve sorted cabbages and grapefruits at our local food bank. We’ve supported a nonprofit working to empower women to run for office. We’ve donated small and large sums to nonprofits helping unhoused women, and those working to empower girls and LGBTQIA+ youth. We’ve donated to and supported nonprofits fighting for the dignity and lives of BIPOC communities. 

We’re proud of these efforts. Our Funds are their evolution, and we hope they’ll create ripples of impact.

Youth activists understand the urgency of climate action in response to a warming planet. The BLM movement is acting with the urgency of lives being on the line—because they are. We believe it will take companies doing more than simply marketing sustainability and social justice for change to take hold. Equality and justice have never before been as obtainable to the human family, and yet, to arrive there—to a place where all human life is respected and protected equally and we can continue living on a habitable planet—requires societal transformation. 


Food, water, and shelter are human rights, yet many don’t have access. When resources are strained, women and BIPOC communities face disproportionate consequences. The Covid-19 crisis is widening inequality and pushing millions more into starvation. 

This month, we’re introducing To The People Fund and setting its goal. 

Over the next three years we’ll donate $1 million to nonprofits addressing the systemic injustices that cause poverty as well as food and water insecurity. We’ll begin this December with a $75,000.00 donation across several nonprofits. 

We can improve the world. We can make it equitable and just. We won’t settle for more just. We won’t settle for more inclusive or more representative or closer to equal. 

Inclusive. Just. Equal. Representative. Full stop. 

This is an invitation to all. Come on this journey! Every month we’ll introduce you to one of our nonprofit partners. Read more about our the Funds on our website. And in early 2021, we’ll introduce To The Planet Fund and To The Future Fund, along with their goals. We’ll update you on our progress. 

We won’t settle, we won’t be discouraged. We will impact change.

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