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08 Feb 2024
Three words, one big philosophy.

For most of us, “skincare” has really just meant “face care”. “Mind Your Body” - the concept and creative vision behind Youth To The People’s newest body care launch - beckons you to turn your attention to the rest of you, to care for every square inch of you, mind and body.

“Mind Your Body” innately ties into radical acceptance and embracing what makes you… well, you. Moving intentionally, speaking truthfully, creating freely, and releasing resistance where it does not serve. Putting this into practice looks like aligning body and mind so you can show up as your best self for the sake of others as well as yourself.

The inspiration for “Mind Your Body” is two-fold. First, the practical application of neurosensorial science to the development of each product’s unique fragrance: Elevated Self, Energy Shift, and Free to Dream. With varying profiles featuring notes of inspiring fresh greens, soothing yuzu, and revitalizing ginger, these fragrance experiences tie into the second part of the “Mind Your Body” philosophy, which is inspired by empowering daily rituals, where you take care of your body on the outside to nurture yourself on the inside. Each product in the Body Care lineup sensorially encourages you through luxurious textures and inspired fragrance to immerse yourself in the moment: body and mind alike. We’re talking taking those body routines up a notch: uplifting your mood with every lather, turning shower thoughts into revelations, and setting your dreams in flight. “Mind Your Body” is a movement of affirmation. It’s a call-to-action, an invitation to pay attention to all that our bodies do for us. Minding your body means bridging the gap between our mental and physical selves, practicing radical acceptance, and prioritizing a holistic sense of self.

Mind Your Body is a reminder to elevate your self, shift your energy, and dream.

So don’t just mind your face…


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