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11 Jan 2024
Your long-awaited, most-asked-for product launch is finally here. These three self-care essentials are made with the same skincare philosophies and results-driven formulations we apply to the face products you know and love–now for the rest of you. Plus, they each have their own signature fragrance, designed to uplift and inspire your mood while transcending gender and age.

“The YTTP team has been exploring body care since basically the beginning of the brand, but really wanted to pair high level performance with a very elevated fragrance sensory experience,” says Director of Product Development and Brand Compliance, Erin Gillin. “After years of development, we created three super special and intentional aroma profiles that tap into neurosensorial science to pair with our amazing formulations and bring to the market.”

Each body fragrance was developed using “a very cool mood technology where certain notes are mapped and connected to trigger a particular mood response,” says Gillin. “This tech combined with a lot of inspiration from the fine fragrance world guided us to the three amazing fragrances launching: Elevated Self, Energy Shift, and Free to Dream.”

First up in the body care line is Superfood + Niacinamide Body Cleanser: a luxuriously lathering, sensorially fragranced formula, made to visibly clear skin over time while being barrier friendly. It’s formulated with niacinamide + sodium PCA to help keep your moisture barrier in check, plus nourishing vitamins and superfood antioxidants—much like the Superfood Cleanser you know and love—to reveal healthier-looking skin. It’s gentle (and dermatologist tested) for use on sensitive skin, non-stripping and never drying. It’s fragranced with Elevated Self, a scent you may recognize if you’re familiar with YTTP Hand Care. The main notes are aromatic cedarwood, subtly spicy black pepper, and energizing fresh greens, which harmonize to create a soothing, uplifting scent experience that transports and inspires.

Next is 10% AHA + Yerba Mate Smoothing Energy Body Scrub, a full-body facial formulated with both physical and chemical exfoliants—like upcycled olive seed powder and AHAs—to resurface and buff away bumps, leaving skin instantly smooth to the touch. The formula is finely milled without being abrasive, and effectively helps buff away KP (keratosis pilaris: small bumps that can develop on the skin at the back of arms, legs or butt due to clogged hair follicles.) Energy Shift, its signature fragrance, invigorates the senses with notes of spicy black pepper, ginger, and velvet woods to energize your outlook and turn shower thoughts into revelations.

The final member of the trio, Superberry Firm + Glow Dream Body Butter, is formulated with 3% niacinamide and an intense moisture complex (Jojoba Oil, Shea + Cupuaçu Butters) to deeply hydrate dry skin for up to 48 hours with brightening and firming moisture. It leaves skin with a radiant, silky finish and a non-greasy, non-sticky glow. Its signature scent, Free To Dream, harnesses neurosensorial, soothing benefits with fresh notes of yuzu, green tea, and blonde woods to destress your mind and set your dreams in flight.

“The current market of body care has a bit of division between high performance and elevated fragrance experience,” explains Gillin. “But YTTP was able to blend those two worlds so you still see face care-level benefits with a luxe fragrance you will get so many compliments on.”

Use the products alone or together to elevate your body care routine into a mindful body care ritual (#EVERYTHINGSHOWER, anyone?). Explore the entire body range to immerse yourself in elevated scent experiences with visible results for all over.

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