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How Makeup Artist Renee Sanganoo Preps Skin for Makeup

How Makeup Artist Renee Sanganoo Preps Skin for Makeup

16 Feb 2023

Bicoastal celebrity makeup artist Renee Sanganoo has a stacked resumé. From working with Nicki Minaj and Kelly Rowland to having her work featured in magazines such as Vogue and Paper, Sanganoo has made a name for creating youthful and timeless looks that showcase her clients’ natural radiance. .

“I like the fact that I can show people what I see in them. Bringing out the beauty in different people, in all different women with all different colors. I really enjoy it,” Sanganoo says.

In addition to being a talented makeup artist, Sanganoo is a skincare aficionado and a big proponent of taking care of your skin, especially if you’re going to wear makeup.

“I think people really underestimate skin. Take care of your skin! That is your foundation. You really need to know what your skin type is, so you're able to buy the proper products for your skin,” Sanganoo says. “Skincare is definitely key when it comes to getting that flawless finish that everybody wants.”

Ahead, Sanganoo shares how she preps her clients’ skin for makeup depending on their skin type—and how you can do the same, too.

Step 1: Asses the Skin

Sanganoo always uses skincare suited to a client’s skin type or any allergies they may have.

“I talk to the client and see where they need more hydration, or if I see that it's oily in certain places, or if somebody is having breakouts.” From there, she decides what products to use and where someone may need more coverage.

Step 2: Cleanse and Prep

Before applying any makeup, Sanganoo starts with a clean base by cleansing the skin of any makeup, residue, or impurities. Next is an exfoliator.

“I love the Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial. That is such a great product because it really helps to exfoliate the skin. I use it personally and on the clients,” Sanganoo says. She’s also a fan of the Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm used prior since it “breaks down the makeup really easy and it hydrates the skin,” she says.

Step 3: Hydrating Mist

After cleansing the skin, Sanganoo will use a hydrating mist that feels great on the skin and leaves people feeling refreshed. One of her staples is the Adaptogen Sooth + Hydrate Activated Mist.

“I like to use the mist before the makeup and after; I don't want anything to interfere with the makeup, so I like that it's just a very soft mist on the face and it doesn't squirt out all over the place,” Sanganoo says of the Adaptogen Mist’s superfine spray.

Step 4: Moisturize

“The moisturizer is key,” Sanganoo emphasizes. “It really helps to prep the skin for the makeup. How I determine which moisturizer will work best is dependent on a client’s skin type.” For example, she’ll use a lighter cream, something like the Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream, for someone with oily or combination skin, and something that packs more of a punch for dry skin, like Polypeptide-121 Future Cream.

Additionally, if Sanganoo doing a more skin-focused look, she’ll incorporate a serum or facial oil into the routine.

“I really love the Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Oil because it hydrates the skin. It gives you a dewy finish, but it's not a super heavy oil,” she says. In addition to locking in moisture, the face oil can be used, as she shares, “on the high points of the cheek, on the décolleté or mixed into foundation” for a look that glows.

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