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Pride To The People – Finding Your Way Through

18 Jun 2024

Growing up queer can sometimes feel like an isolating experience, but community and resources can make a world of difference. Some of our team members shared some resources that have been impactful for them in navigating life.

Peter, Deputy General Manager YTTP
Seeing other people of the community succeeding in life while being true to themselves and who they are is the biggest inspiration.

Megan, Manager of Omni Client Experience and Education
My community of LGBTQIA+ friends and allies.

Jacob, Director of Field Sales & Education
For sure, the community. Spending time with others in the LGBTQIA+ community, sharing and learning from our celebrations and obstacles. It's so important, especially in times of struggle when I may want to hide away. With how much news and current events can permeate through your day-to-day via social platforms, I find having peers and mentors very grounding. Nothing compares to a safe space with others that understand what you could be going through.

Khalid, Omni-Channel Client Experience Coordinator
When I hear "activate your voice", I think of living in my truth, unapologetically. As a gay, Black man I have spent a large part of my life hiding parts of myself out of fear of what society may say. However, over the years, I've learned to let go of my fears and embrace who I am. I stand firmly in my queerness, and I love to express it through words, fashion, pictures, decor, TV shows, etc. Activating your voice isn't always about being the loudest in the room. It's about the way you show up in support of yourself and others, even those with different identities than your own.

Lisa- Renee, Field Sales
Listening to those in the community that have stories and experiences to share.

Friends + supportive family

Khalid, Omni-Channel Client Experience Coordinator
I like to learn from other queer creatives, artists, educators, activists, etc. I have intentionally sought them out in my exploration of who I am for a better understanding of the complexities and nuances to my identity. I also like to frequent spaces with people who share similar community with me. Being among them is a reminder to me that I am not alone. It’s where I feel most free.

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