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Pride To The People – 365 Ally

21 Jun 2024

Being an ally is not just talking the talk but walking the walk. Some of our team members in support of the LGBTQIA+ community shared some resources that have been helpful for them in learning how to be better allies to the community.

Jacob, Director of Field Sales & Education

Organizations like GLAAD, PFLAG, the Human Rights Campaign along with so many others have amazing resources on their websites. Especially when I was younger, I sought out local community centers - if going somewhere in person is an option, even when it might be scary, I highly recommend. I promise that you'll feel so grateful that you did.

Lauren, Senior Manager of Retail Relations & Strategy

Listening to my LGBTQIA+ plus Friends and Family about what they need to feel supported is always where I take my cue.

Selin, Director of Marketing

Constantly listening and learning, but also not counting on those who identify in the community to teach me. Learning is ever evolving and it's my job to keep myself up to date and check myself so to speak with those in the community to be a strong ally.

Megan, Manager of Omni Client Experience and Education

Following Instagram pages like @mattxiv, @mygayday, @feminist, and @lgbtq.

Lisa-Renee, Field Sales

Communication with those in the community.

Krys, AVP Omni Channel Client Experience

The best advice I was given was to BE OPEN TO LEARNING! Never stop learning and don't become offended when someone is trying to educate you. I have learned through empathy and love to be a kind and compassionate safe space for those that need it.

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