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Earth Month: The Climate Justice Push to #KeepLACool

20 Apr 2024
“My dream is that Americans will realize that life gets better when you go green. My dream is that climate justice becomes a passion across the nation; by solving the climate crisis we can solve other social ills at the same time. My dream is that community parks can do double-duty and provide life-saving resources during dangerous heat waves. My dream is that cities grow their urban forests, bringing people and nature closer together. My dream is for all communities, and especially for those communities that have been historically marginalized, to grow and thrive in the face of climate change.” Enrique Huerta, Legislative Director at Climate Resolve

As a society, we are witnessing growing occurrences of natural disasters such as flooding and hurricanes with devastating impact on the lives and livelihoods of mass populations. While climate change has continued to exacerbate many disasters and wreak havoc to our natural resources, it has been important to behold the many ways in which we are achieving more consciousness on preventing further harm to our planet. However, it’s also become crucially necessary for us to collectively do better to protect people most vulnerable to the devastating effects of climate change.

Through the Good To The People Funds, Youth To The People has been proud to support the Los Angeles based organization Climate Resolve. Climate Resolve addresses climate action through a justice-based lens and an equitable approach to developing climate mitigation solutions for ensuring protections for populations that are most marginalized and vulnerable in our local communities.

As heatwaves are becoming more and more frequent, creating a much warmer world, climate change is greatly increasing the likelihood of future mass fatalities attributed to extreme heat. Heat is now the leading disaster related cause of death and illness creating a public health crisis in cities experiencing more prolonged heat days. Extreme heat also is positioned to adversely affect our air quality, food supply, energy demand and supply while also increasing the spate of wildfires in California alone.

Since launching in 2010, Climate Resolve has been overseeing heat preparedness programming in collaboration with policymakers and grassroots organizations representing residents in communities that are predominantly Black, Indigenous and People of Color across the City of Los Angeles to provide coping mechanisms for avoiding and managing the extremity of heatwaves. From increasing the urban tree canopy for wilderness coverage and the expansion of green spaces in urban landscapes to supporting the placements of cool roofs to help homeowners see a reduction in their energy consumption, Climate Resolve is leading transformational cooling strategies around our city. And it is doing so with a dedicated collective of environmental leaders, impassioned policymakers and concerned residential advocates to create healthier and more resilient communities.

This year we were proud to sponsor and participate in Climate Resolve’s annual Coolest in LA event gala which honored leaders across the policy, arts, civil rights and environmental justice space doing notable advocacy to equitably transform our city. And we encourage you to check out their programming, outreach and event opportunities to get involved. #KeepLACool and join the global movement to #GoGreen this Earth Month, Earth Day and every day.

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