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Welcome To The

YTTP Community

As a community rewards member, you'll get rewarded for being good to your skin, the planet, and our people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our gratitude and a few welcome gifts. As you shop and engage more in the community, you'll only earn more.

Like any good gift, it's a surprise. Be sure to check your email inbox on your special day! If your birthday is within 30 days of submission, your reward will be granted in delay, up to 30 days.

If your account has been inactive for more than 12 months, your points and stage in the community will expire. Be sure to stay engaged.

The rewards won’t apply at checkout if another discount or promotion has already been applied. Currently, we only have the option to use an additional discount when you redeem your rewards for free products and not by redeeming points for an additional discount directly on your order.

You have two options for redeeming your points, free product or a discount on your order, or both!

Once you are a Power or Dream member, your status will last for 12 months. Make sure you stay engaged with the community to maintain your status or up your vibe in the community.

Yes, you can use a discount code and your points to redeem a free product within the same order; however, only one discount code can be applied at a time.

You can view your pending and current points balance on your YTTP Rewards account dashboard. Log in to your YTTP account, go to "My Rewards", then click on "Activity" to view view a snapshot of your points.

When you first earn points for certain activities, they will initially appear as pending. They only become available as redeemable points after the specified pending period has passed. These activities currently include Points for Purchase and Goal Spend and you will see them after 30 days.

Unfortunately, if you return a product, you will lose earned points for that purchase. If you used points for the order, we will automatically add those back to your balance once your return has been processed.

Nope. Get at that group text, slide into those DMs, and refer as many friends as you'd like. Keep in mind, you can only refer each friend (or each email) once.

Your friend will receive an email invitation letting them know you’re referring them to purchase YTTP. Be sure to remind them to check their inbox.

You will only receive credit for purchases referred friends make that use their $15 code. If they purchase without the code you won’t receive your $15.

You can only refer friends who have never purchased on the YTTP website.

We only allow one $15 code to be used at a time. You’re not able to double stack codes but you can save each $15 for future orders and use your rewards points to redeem free product.