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What Is High-Tech Skincare?

08 Sep 2020

In this technologically-advanced age, when everything is digital, it’s inevitable that tech would end up in our skincare. High-tech means cutting edge—the most advanced in its field, and high-tech skincare has the ability to do more.

Ingredients are our muse, and we’re continually inspired by the work of cosmetic scientists who advance the derivatives of traditional raw ingredients. We use the high-tech ingredients that result from their work to devise new, pro-grade, and clean skincare products—like the new Superberry Dream Eye Cream, a superstar overnight treatment formulated with goji stem cell. 

Stem cells are universal, and if isolated before they are signaled to become a specific type of cell, the stem cells will adjust and, amazingly, instead become whatever it perceives is most needed. In the Dream Eye Cream this means more targeted results thanks to goji stem cell extract, an ingredient that is specifically designed to identify what needs repair around the delicate eye area. Goji stem cells are extracted before they have an opportunity to turn into a leaf or berry.

“High-tech skincare has always been a part of formulation, ever since we started Youth To The People,” says Joe Cloyes, co-founder of YTTP. “Using the best plant-based extracts, combined with the best that cosmetic science has to offer, is what provides optimum results for your skin’s health. Because we are vegan and can also take advantage of the newest in skincare technology, we are able to drive amazing results—without ever using ingredients derived from animals or animal byproducts.”

Our high-tech skincare is vegan, cruelty-free, clean and biodegradable—safe for your skin and the planet—to optimize your skin’s health. 

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