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Two Poems on Plant Love, from To The People

27 Mar 2020

From issue 01 of To The People, a zine by YTTP Studios

Poems by Sheila Lam


For Bernard


I took him out for a walk today.

We needed some sun

"Let's get out of the house," he said,

"We’ve had enough time alone."


Every day he's growing. 

Outgrowing his bed.

Outgrowing the house.


Someday he'll move away,

but hopefully not far.


I ask him about his dreams:

"Do you dream of greener pastures?"

"Do you dream of rolling hills?"

But he never divulges.


He just sways and looks back at me.


I worry that he gets cold at night;

I close the drapes to his windowsill. 

I worry that the sun is too bright: 

I make shade for him.


An early riser, never not awake before me—  

but he's patient, and waits silently.


A growth spurt overnight!

Oh, where does the time go? 


My sweet little Bernard!

My sweet plant of basil. 

From Bernard


She does not know I know

For certain

But she thinks it


Without asking

She puts water out

And I drink it 


A little each day

I grow

A little more each day

For her 


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