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Why Sapphires + Malachite In Your Skincare Are the Real MVPs

You might not hear much about minerals like malachite and sapphire used in skincare just yet, but they happen to both be beneficial elements in Youth To The People’s new Triple Peptide + Cactus Oasis Serum —a supercharged formula that targets multiple different skin concerns, from loss of firmness to dehydration. True to form, YTTP had innovation top of mind from start to finish during the formulation process, and YTTP ultimately came up with cutting-edge technology featuring a synthetic form of sapphire (yes, as in the stunning blue stone) that enhances the delivery of the serum’s triple-peptide blend . Kinda radical, right?

Called “MVP Sapphire Lift,” the innovative technology works in tandem with three powerhouse peptides to increase their penetration, and in turn, results. As Jacob Tomas dél Rosario, YTTP’s Director of Field Sales + Education, explains, “ This synthetic form of sapphire essentially clears a pathway for all of these peptides to go to work within the skin. It’s like taking the traffic out of your cellular renewal process.” With a direct route to the different layers of the epidermis, the aforementioned peptides are able to do an even better job of stimulating collagen and elastin production, which aids in maintaining bounce, firmess, and other youth-sustaining benefits. 

Then you have malachite, a unique skin-boosting copper complex extracted from the malachite stone. 

“Malachite is a great antioxidant that helps to detoxify the skin and protect against environmental aggressors,” says Laura Cline, YTTP’s Senior Director of Product Development and Education. “It’s bio-available for the skin, meaning it reaches deeper layers of the dermis where changes actually occur, and thereby helps to visibly improve firmness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” Moreover, Cline notes that malachite is what contributes to the serum’s gorgeous green-blue color, as the opaque stone is naturally a vibrant emerald shade. 

Whether you’re struggling with dryness and dehydration, or multiple different signs of premature aging (fine lines, loss of firmness, etc.), you can count on the Oasis Serum and its powerhouse blend of ingredients to work wonders at restoring your skin to a healthy, radiant state. In addition to sapphire and malachite, the formula also features 4D hyaluronic acid for sustained hydration, and rambutan for its superior antioxidant properties, as well as organic cactus elixir for its moisture-binding benefits and free-radical protection. 

Shop the new serum now to see the visible results for yourself. 

Written by Kaleigh Fasanlla for Youth To The People

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