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What Are the Benefits of Prebiotics for Skin Health?

12 Mar 2021

If the word “prebiotics” brings to mind an image of yogurt, you may be confusing it with “probiotics.” The distinction is slight, yet important. Probiotics contain live organisms, “good” strains of bacteria that directly add to the population of healthy microbes. The intent of prebiotics is to stimulate the growth and improve the balance of that healthy bacteria. Commonly found in dietary supplements or foods like bananas, soybeans, and whole grains, prebiotic fibers are all about enriching, stabilizing, and reinforcing the micro-ecosystem of the gut. But what does gut health have to do with skin health? When it comes to prebiotics, they share a similar story.

“The skin has a natural microbiome similar to the gut,” says Youth To The People’s Senior Sales + Education Executive, Jacob Tomás del Rosario. “Just like your gut, where health risks can be mitigated by maintaining that balance of good and bad bacteria, so can your skin's microbiome.”

Integrating friendly prebiotics into your skincare routine means a commitment to preserving and strengthening the balance of your skin’s natural protective barrier. Prebiotics like ferments are superfoods for the microbiome, as they feed the healthy bacteria living on our skin.

YTTP’s Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner contains a blend of two ferments, kombucha black tea and tree bark. Both ferment extracts contain potent peptides that work as prebiotic sources, increasing the amount of healthy microbes on the skin's surface. Additionally, the tree bark ferment helps to restore the skin’s elasticity, firming to help reverse the signs of oxidative damage.

The Power Toner is unique in that it boosts the natural process of shedding dead skin cells on the surface and simultaneously stabilizes and fortifies the skin’s protective barrier—all thanks to the equalizing properties of prebiotics. 

“By keeping bad things out and good things in, this helps to further protect one’s skin during the exfoliation process,” Del Rosario shares.

While the fermented extracts that make up the Kombucha Black Tea blend work together to create a positive environment to keep out harmful bacteria, the other ingredients in the toner work synergistically to minimize the appearance of pores and revitalize the complexion. 

“The ginger extract assists in enhancing the lactic and glycolic acids’ ability to smooth skin texture, and the citrus bioflavonoids + lemon water extract—antioxidants paired with the AHAs—can be delivered straight to the skin to scavenge for pollutants,” Del Rosario explains. Altogether, this formula delivers instantly supple, soft skin after one use, and the long term effects of a supported, balanced, natural microbiome: less congestion, less overproduction in oil, and a boost in radiance and overall skin health. 

The skin is not only our largest organ, but our first line of defense. We deserve strong, stable microbiomes, which means feeding our skin ingredients that aim to fertilize and restore. With these properties, prebiotics prove to be safe, equitable ingredients: all skin types with any skin goal can benefit from them.

Written by Kaitlyn McNab for Youth To The People

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