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The Energy Facial Transformed My Skin

07 Oct 2020

I have a lot of texture on my skin—little bumps around my jaw—and I’ve turned frequently to AHAs (like the Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner) to help improve texture. But I noticed that I can actually feel those bumps go away when I use the Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial. I repeat: I can actually feel the bumps disappearing when I exfoliate with Energy Facial in the morning; it has transformed my skin.

My routine

I love to use both a physical exfoliant and an alpha hydroxy acid—never at the same time, but at different times throughout my weekly routine. I’ll use the Kombucha Toner at night and the Energy Facial in the morning. I think of AHAs as those little PacMen that are loosening everything up, so when you wake up in the morning with the Energy Facial, you get that really, really smooth complexion.

I always use the Yerba Mate Energy Facial in the shower after cleansing with Superfood Cleanser. It’s easier to control and easier to rinse off. I use it three times per week, and on that third time I usually want a more gentle exfoliation, so I’ll add more water and steam.

The transformation

The radiance that I get after using it..! It’s so noticeable that I make sure to time my use of it to any events or even important Zoom meetings. My makeup goes on smoother; my texture is improved. I even feel like my face is more contoured when I use it. It's amazing.

The Yerba Mate Energy Facial launched during quarantine, when I really wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup, but I have been using a light skin tint from ILIA lately. With skin tint, sometimes it won’t stay all day. But with proper exfoliation, everything stays really smooth and intact because it’s not flaking off in little patches. It just stays put.

The immediate effects are incredible, and I think that over time, the tone of my skin has even improved because my vitamin C serums are able to absorb even better after I exfoliate with the Energy Facial. Serums work better, makeup goes on smoother, you’re just getting rid of that top layer of dead skin. It’s really effective.

When you can’t get a facial at a spa or dermatologist...

This product has definitely made a huge difference and has helped replace my regular facials one hundred percent. It’s been my replacement since I haven’t been able to go to the spa during Covid-19.

I recommend this product for everyone, truly.

My best friend has eczema, and she even likes this product because you can add water and be more gentle. I recommend it to everyone, but I’m very specific with how I tell people to use it: for first-time users or those with sensitive skin, I recommend a thin layer, leave it on for one minute, and rinse it off. Let your skin get used to it. 

It’s such a special formula with the diatomaceous earth and the bamboo extract; the physical exfoliants are so fine. I’m that person who does the facial three times a week. I started using it twice a week, religiously, for the first month. Then I bumped it up to three times. My skin just thrives with it!

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