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‘Borderline Brainwashed’ Author Sarah The Human Takes the Youth Questionnaire

02 Aug 2021

Sarah The Human wants you to take a risk with her. Her debut publication, Borderline Brainwashed, wavers somewhere between a memoir and an invitation to explore introspection and openness—and she wants us to take a hard look at our beliefs so we can tap into our fullest potential. 

“People, including myself, will refer to what I have created as a ‘book.’ While that description is not wrong, I think a more accurate word choice would be to call it a ‘relatable diary.’ Because that is what I experience when a person reads it; it feels like they’re reading my diary. It’s intimate,” Sarah The Human says. 

In Borderline Brainwashed, she takes a look at two decades of rigid beliefs, narrow-mindedness, insecurities, and shame—and chooses to trade it all in for empowerment, freedom, and the most vibrant version of herself.

“The question is not if evolution awaits you on the other side of deconstructing your beliefs,” she writes in the book’s synopsis, “The question is: are you ready for the transformation? Because chances are, you, like me, have been borderline brainwashed.”

Click here to shop Borderline Brainwashed and check out Sarah The Human’s response to the Youth Questionnaire below. 

Question 03: Where are you most free?

When I take long, solo walks around my neighborhood in West Hollywood. I put on sneakers and headphones and listen to a podcast or music. There’s no pressure to perform or achieve; it’s simply the outdoors and me. 

Question 06: What does pride mean to you?

Pride, to me, is the freedom to be your true self and love without bounds. 

Question 08: What is your coolest trick?

I can do the worm. It’s a move I reserve for the occasional dance circle.  

Question 12: To you, what is the most soothing sound?

Theta waves. I could be in a yoga studio in savasana pose for hours just tuning into the sound of theta waves. Oftentimes I’ll play a YouTube recording of them for at-home meditation, too. 

Question 13: What is your most useful affirmation?

“I am good.” Growing up, I was handed the opposite narrative. Believing I was bad (a sinner) for decades shattered my self-worth. Now, as I rebuild, I tell myself, “I am good.” That affirmation gives room for me to make mistakes, but not be defined by them. It’s freeing. 

Question 14: If you could encourage others to support something you believe to be universally beneficial, what would it be?

Introspection and openness. I believe when we take a hard look inside of ourselves—whether through therapy, meditation or creativity—and are open to transforming what we find, we propel ourselves and the world forward. 


Question 16: What song lyric, lines of a poem, or other excerpt best describes your outlook?

The best days of your life can’t happen without you there
Live with presence
Live intentionally

—Yung Pueblo 

Question 18: Which is richer, your inner life or outer? Why?

Inner. There’s no escaping my inner life; it accompanies me wherever I go. When I cherish, nourish, and connect to my inner life, my outside life is automatically enriched.

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