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Small Changes, Big Impact. Join Us!

28 Apr 2020

At YTTP, we think about our impact all year long. When we say that every day is Earth Day, it’s not just a tagline, but a way of thinking. When planning what we wanted to do for Earth Day 2020 (which also happens to be the 50th anniversary of the holiday), we knew we wanted to go beyond excitement and education, and hopefully, play a part in triggering some real change.

I love managing social at YTTP for many reasons, the greatest of which is without a doubt the excitement I feel around motivating and inspiring the incredible community we have built. Yes, we talk about our product. Yes, we get people psyched on new launches. But social is also a place where we can share our ethos—everything we stand for as a company that makes us unique—and perhaps inspire our community.  

So we came up with the idea for a challenge. (Hey, everyone is doing them! Quarantine life.) As appealing as recording video of yourself doing pushups might be, (or maybe you do love pushups and I’m not here to judge!) we wondered: could we challenge people to make a positive change in their daily habits? 

When I sat down to think about the change I would make as part of our #OneWorldChallenge, I allowed myself a moment of pride as my fiancé and myself reflected on all the shifts we’ve made in the last few years to make our lives more sustainable. It was gratifying to look back and see the awareness we’ve developed—and the reduction of straight-up trash—made possible by enacting so many little changes. I realized that that feeling was the feeling I want to inspire in the thousands of people who follow us. We can all make lots and lots of small changes that ladder up into the kind of big changes our society needs to make to protect our earth.

If you’re wondering, I’ve committed to no longer purchasing any single-use paper items (and the plastic wrap they come in). We’re switching to washable kitchen towels, reusable cotton rounds, and even bamboo TP. So far, so good. 

Here’s hoping you’ll join the #OneWorldChallenge with us. Share how you’re going to change your behavior for the betterment of the planet, show us a way you’re upcycling your empty YTTP bottles.

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These unprecedented times have us thinking a LOT about our community, our impact on the earth, and our lifestyle. The world has slowed, the air is cleaner, and we feel like it’s our duty to use this as an opportunity to rethink and restructure some of our daily habits for good (and to focus on some small positive changes while things continue to feel uncertain). +++ April 22 is technically Earth Day, but really, EVERY day is Earth Day, and we want to challenge our community to rethink our impact. Join us in the #OneWorldChallenge! On IG Stories: 1. Share one change you commit to making in the next three months to reduce your impact 2. Show off a way you have upcycled a YTTP empty 3. Tag three friends to join you in the challenge! BONUS: Each week will be picking two winners from the hashtag to receive a 1:1 virtual skin consult, a 16oz refill cleanser, and a product of their choice!

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