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Skincare Advice from Esthetician Andrea Ámez

06 Mar 2020

You know when you meet someone and you have an immediate, strong energetic connection with them? The feeling that makes you wonder, “Wow, are you my long lost soul-friend?” That’s the feeling you get when you meet Andrea Ámez, a holistic esthetician and clean skincare specialist based in Los Angeles. 

Ámez runs her own business at an intimate studio located near the iconic Amoeba Records on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. By combining a scientific and holistic approach to her work, Ámez looks beyond the skin to understand her clients’ lifestyle in order to provide the best professional treatments for transformative glow-ups. As a self-described skin godmother and melanin specialist, Ámez has created a special space for women and people of color to feel welcome and seen. 

“Being a brown woman in the beauty space is key to what I do. I literally work so that I can be of access for anyone who is of color, who struggles with their skin, or who has never felt comfortable going into a studio… My biggest concern is being relatable, especially for people who have been labeled as other,” says Ámez.

Her advice for optimal skin health? Listen to your skin, move your body to release stagnation, hydrate, get a lot of sleep. Watch her story below to absorb more skincare knowledge and subscribe to our YouTube for more videos.

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