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Meet the Superclay Blend

31 Mar 2021

With Youth To The People’s latest drop, the Superclay Purify + Clear Power Mask, comes a brand-new PRO-GRADE VEGAN™ blend of three purposefully selected and powerful superclays—French green clay, white kaolin clay, and volcanic clay.

“This detoxifying blend absorbs excess oil, smoothes skin, and has exfoliating properties to it—and it’s got this really silky smooth texture,” says Laura Cline, YTTP’s Director of Education. “What’s great about the French green clay—the hero of the three clays—is that it specifically helps with acne and blemishes.” 

French green clay pulls impurities from the skin, dries out blemishes and smooths skin with its exfoliating properties, while white kaolin clay—also known for gently absorbing excess oil—leaves skin feeling smoother and softer. A mineral-rich detoxifier that works to remove the grime from your everyday life (after your cleanser, of course!), volcanic clay targets points of congestion in your skin that can cause blemishes.

Together, this purposeful blend of active superclays draw out impurities without stripping your skin of its hydration. This formula reduces oiliness and minimizes pores without leaving your skin feeling too tight or dry. Because of the active nature of the superclays, some users might experience mild flushing—but don’t worry, it’ll clear up after about 30 minutes.

Introduce the benefits of the superclay blend into your routine when you shop the Power Mask. Have questions about how to incorporate the mask into your routine? Click here to book a free, 15-minute Skin Session with our team of skincare experts.

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