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Meet The Muse: Superberries

29 Jun 2020

Superberries sound like they’re made for a comic book superhero, but they’re so much more. A standout in the berry category for being denser in phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins, superberries grow all around the world. Youth To The People’s Superberry blend is made up of goji, açai, and maqui berries, all of which boast proven skin benefits, medicinal uses, and cultural significance. Ready to get to know these champion superfruits? Let’s dive in.

Nicknamed the “wolf berry,” the goji berry is native to eastern parts of Asia and is incredibly rich in vitamins C and E and essential fatty acids. It has been a part of the Asian diet for centuries, and is also one of the first berries to have been documented in Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, one of the oldest pharmacological manuals written in 200 BCE. Goji is used locally in the Northern Region of China for jams, teas, juices, and soups, as well as used in medicines to treat various ailments, promote beauty, and increase vitality. In areas where goji is heavily cultivated and eaten regularly, there are more centenarians—people who live beyond the age of 100 years—than any other region in China. Talk about youthful preservation.

Açai berry is  primarily cultivated in Brazil and also grows in other parts of South America. It has been an integral part of the Brazilian diet, lifestyle, and culture for centuries. Indigenous peoples commonly eat the berries to treat ailments, skin conditions, and digestive issues, because the fruit is so rich in vitamins A and B, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals like magnesium and zinc. Use of the plant is highly sustainable—açai grows on large palms and can be harvested without cutting down the entire tree. Its cultivation also allows for protection of parts of the Amazon rainforest which is protected and conserved for this use. As the berries ripen, the dead leaves fall to the ground and are used as thatch to create tools and supplies for homes. Hats are often made by locals from the dried leaves that are then dyed by hand with natural inks created from the berries and sold as gifts to tourists. 

Maqui berry rounds out YTTP’s proprietary Superberry blend. One of the newest and lesser-known superberries, maqui is actually the most antioxidant-rich of all—three hundred times more so than powerhouse açai. Native to Chile, maqui grows wild on hillsides and along roads, making it more easily sourced without needing cultivation. As history tells, maqui is primarily harvested by an Indigenous native people called the Mapuche, a very fierce and strong people whose warriors ingest the berries for stamina and strength, and use the leaves of the maqui bushes to dress their wounds. The fruit itself is naturally antiinflammatory and is chock-full of minerals, vitamins B and C, and omega fatty acids. Non-Indigenous natives of Chile have enjoyed using this magical berry by incorporating it into a version of a popular fermented tonic called Chicha. Maqui may be lesser known than other superberries, but it definitely holds its own in the form of powerhouse benefits.

These magical berries have been such essential parts of various cultures and used for various beneficial purposes for centuries. Our Superberry complex takes all three—goji, açai, and maqui—and creates the ultimate powerhouse of antioxidants, nutrients, and omegas. Whether in our daily skincare routines or morning smoothies, we could all stand to gain something from incorporating these extraordinary fruits into our lives.

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